A little more about The Pitch is Back

I love football, I have done since I was a child, I grew up in a family where football was watched all the time.  My mum used to take me to Arsenal games as baby and a child and although I can’t remember that I think football was programmed into me from that age. I think the first season I can really recollect is the 88/89 season, I remember watching a lot of the games of that season and of course being an Arsenal fan that last game finished on a high after we beat Liverpool 2-1 after a last minute Mickey Thomas goal won us the league, I think it was really then my little addiction started.  It wasn’t only Arsenal I loved though it was football itself, the beautiful game is an easy one to love.

I started playing football when I was 11.  I set up a football team at school and managed to wrangle an ex Arsenal girls/youth coach called Damian to come and coach us after school. We did that for a year and then I joined a local team London Girls and played for them too. I played a central midfield/left midfield role and I loved it, I even got into huge trouble for playing football after my mum had banned me after I kept on getting injured. Nothing could have stopped me from being into football at that time and nothing ever has.

When I got to 15 I had trials for Millwall but I had been injured a few months before and they noticed an issue with my hip alignment so I was sent to a doctor and promptly told to give up playing as my hip was deteriorating. At this time I was also working at Charlton football ground part time in the ground and at the training ground. I even volunteered as a youth team coach as a subsitute for not playing anymore. I done my work experience at Shoot football magazine and by the time I left school I was armed with so much knowledge about football. I eventually had to to have a hip replacement so my playing days were over at a young age but I never gave up the love I had for the game and I always knew that I would end up in this field.

Throughout the years I continued to watch and support football. I watched all the games I could,luckily my dad was hugely into football so he bcame my fountain of knowledge for a lot of my football wisdom, I learned a lot from him.  My dad also had all the Sky Sports channels so we watched endless amounts of foreign games as well as English and obviously international tournaments too (thanks dad!). When I grew up I got my own sky sports package and now I still do the same thing as well as regularly attending games.

It is fair to say that I have loved football for majority of my life, and its a great ongoing affair,  there’s nothing better than that feeling when the season starts in August, that huge excitement for what awaits, who is going to win the league? who will get relegated? who will be player of the year, who will be the first manager to get sacked! all the FA cup and Champions league draws.  I love the passion you see in players when they play, I love the skill and the passing,  I love the managers and I love the fact that everyone has an opinion on football and thats why I set up this blog, so I can talk to people who are as passionate as myself about a wonderful game…

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I am available for freelance work. You can email me at www.thepitchisback@gmail.com

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