PFA Player of the year awards

Last night in London the Professional Football Association held their yearly awards to announce their Player and Young player of the year awards as well as naming their team of the year.

The nominees for Player of the Year award were Luis Suarez, Steven Gerrard, Daniel Sturridge, Eden Hazard, Yaya Toure and Adam Lallana, all these players have been on top form this season but there is no denying that the award went to the right person-Luis Suarez.


Suarez has been phenomenal to watch this season, he has been focused, strong and his contribution to play has been one of the biggest reasons that Liverpool are sitting at the top the league. Gone is the Suarez of last year who had just been banned for ten games following a biting incident with Ivanovic, and replacing him is the Luis that seems to have focused all that bad energy into playing well with his teammates, complying with most rules and producing some of the best football and goals we have seen from a striker in a while.

He fully deserves this award this year, he has made a valiant effort to distance himself from the reputation of being an unsportsmanlike player and focused that bad boy attitude into striking fear in his opponents through football instead. He has gone from zero to hero in just a year and it’s a great turn of fortunes for him.

The PFA young player of the year nominations displayed the very best young talent we have in the Premier League, there are so many players emerging and every season they just seem to get better and better. This years nominees were Eden Hazard, Aaron Ramsey, Raheem Sterling, Luke Shaw, Ross Barkley and Daniel Sturridge, all of whom have had a huge influence in the Premier League at such a young age. Every single one of these players have played some amazing football this year but Eden Hazard stands out more than the rest and that is why he won the award.


I forget Eden Hazard is only 23 years old, his age belies him as he just seems so ahead of the game that you almost think he has the experience of an older player. Hazard is one of those players that you just know that in the future everyone will know his name, he a strong creative force on the pitch, he makes good decisions, passes and creates some amazing goals as well as scoring them. His talent is second to none and this award is fully deserved.

The PFA team of the year looks immense, I would love to see how that team would play for real. Again the quality of players that have made it into the team this year have all been at the highest standard for most of their careers. It’s probably one of the first years there hasn’t been a Man United player in sight but when you look at the effect Man United’s little slip this season has you can’t help but admire the momentum gained by the other teams who took full advantage of that situation.


It has been the year for players to thrive without being over shadowed, it was a season where anything was possible and these 11 players grabbed their seasons by the horns and went along for the ride.

The players that have impressed me the most from this team are Lallana and Coleman, both these players have given their blood, sweat and tears in every game making it difficult for their managers not to pick them, I for one have had both in my Fantasy league team for long spells. Lallana is hopefully going to be our saving grace in Brazil World Cup this summer, he deserves to be on that pitch more than most of Roy Hodgson’s selections.

I always thought Chelsea were sill to let Sturridge go to Liverpool, he might not have displayed the best football there but his talent was clear to see and he has proven that this season, I only wish he had joined Arsenal instead. He has linked up with Suarez well and this has improved his game no end, he finishes better, he has more confidence with taking shots and his linking up play between goal and midfield is great.

We really have seen the best of the best this year, each nomination was so well deserved and a nice end of season praise for all the players that have stood out. I just can’t wait to see what next year’s awards will bring.



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