Retro Kit Review: Campo Retro


A few weeks ago when it was announced that the England kit was going to be £95 it was there and then that I decided to boycott buying it and go for a retro shirt instead-cheaper and it has more history.

I was on Twitter when I saw that Campo Retro were making retro England shirts without all the consumerism attachments such as advertising and sponsorship emblazoned across the front, just the badge and the design nothing else, and it interested me from the start.

I visited their site and being a Gooner I went straight for the Arsenal section just to have a peek at what they had to offer and I was greeted with shirts that had such a nostalgic feel that it took me right back to an era of football that reminds you just how great our history is.

Campo Retro have selected shirts that take you right back to the 50’s and 60’s when Bertie Mee was in charge. Their shirt descriptions on the website are accompanied by a glimpse of the past when they describe what it was like when the particular shirts were worn and familiarise you with the players who wore them.

“For Arsenal, the fifties and sixties were relatively barren spells and things only really began to pick up when Bertie Mee became manager in 1966. Previously a physio, he inspired them enough to reach two League Cup finals in ’68 and ’69 where they lost on both occasions until they finally made it third time lucky when they lifted the Inter-City Fairs Cup (now the Europa League) in 1969-70. Since then, they have been one of the most successful clubs in English football history.”

I decided to buy the Red and White Empire Jersey and the Grey and White Empire Jersey as it’s one of the rare few I haven’t collected over the years. This shirt was worn way before I was born but my family talk fondly of this time and I wanted the shirt to represent that.


The ordering process was easy and efficient, my shirts arrived within a couple of days and I was impressed with the quality of the shirts. As a female, wearing men’s shirts can sometimes mean a bad fit but they fit exactly how I like my football shirts to fit. The material is 100% soft handle luxury cotton and is great quality, feels very soft and washes very well too.

Another innovative idea is that you can also customise your shirt by adding a pin of your choice to a specially created “housing on the hem” and you can also have a number hand stitched onto the back of the shirt.

Its clear Campo Retro have thought of everything when it comes to their designs and they are pleasing to anyone who supports a football team. I admire their values and what they stand for especially in this day and age where money has taken over a lot of the great values that football once had, it’s nice to see that this company run on good ethics and making football shirts how they used to be made.

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