Chosen One??? More like the Found Out One

Chosen One Banner 22

So it ends.. 9 months and 22 days later, the chosen one becomes the unemployed one.

I laughed uncontrollably the first time I heard that ‘chosen one’ phrase used on David Moyes.

Don’t get me wrong, you have no idea how thankful I am, and every other Evertonian out there should be thankful, that Sir Alex Ferguson saw fit to rescue this club from a dark depressing cloud, a cloud that started as a ray of sunshine in 2002, yet by 2010 turned into an overcast damp squib, thus enabling us to get hold of a manager who’s own persona and footballing beliefs fit this football club like a glove.

12 years ago Everton was a club on its arse, ageing squad, no finances, fighting perilously to survive relegation, yet on his arrival from Preston as a fresh faced vibrant young man. He managed to turn us from bottom 3 fodder to a good team in the first chunk of his Everton reign.

But something changed..

In 2007 when Moyes number 2 Alan Irvine left to be his own man and become Preston manager, to be replaced by Steve Round, in my mind, we were different, we werent so proactive on the pitch, we were defensive, not defensive like an AC Milan side in their pomp, but a negative backwards thinking side, and I found myself thinking, hmm hang on a minute, exactly how much of the credit given to Moyes, should have been attributed to Irvine.

As time went on I became more and more disenchanted when, after finishing 4th in 2005 (incidentally the first team to do so with a negative goal difference), we never got near again.

The final straw for me was on the evening of the 25th Feb 2010 at the Jose Alvalade Stadium in Lisbon, when holding a 2-1 lead from the 1st leg, moyes took us to Sporting with negative tactics, like you’d expect a league 1 side to use on an away trip to Anfield or Old Trafford, and we meekly surrendered 3-0, it was not just a loss, it was abject and pathetic. From that moment on, I wont lie, I wanted him gone.

I, along with some other Evertonians had a long running dispute with our own fans over him and his ‘qualities’, we were told, ‘without Moyes we’d be in the championship’, ‘be careful what you wish for’ etc

Bearing in mind that his actual net spend in his tenure was actually more than Arsene Wenger had spent at Arsenal, with Wenger attaining constant top 4 finishes every season.

Also, dont be fooled by the ‘he’s had no money’ claims either.

In the 2005/06 season he spent 25.1m net in that season alone, 5m of which was spent on Per Kroldrup, who frankly , the less said about the better.

The following 3 seasons he bought one 10m plus player every season, those being Yakubu, Bilyaletdinov and Fellaini, the first 2 who eventually were barely bothered with, and the 22m pounds received for Joleon Lescott’s transfer to Man City was reinvested in players, so he still had money to spend, and last season he also spent 17m on players.

The media love with him was cringeworthy on a daily basis,with their cliches of ‘wonder on a shoestring’, and ‘plucky little everton’, which were commonplace because that is the impression Moyes created for people to have that perception yet ironically enough with Roberto Martinez’ net spend of minus 16.5m, ive not heard ‘wonders on a shoestring’ mentioned once this season in our direction, and by the same token the criticism of this seasons loan moves by Everton were not criticised when the likes of Stracqualursi and Drenthe rolled up.

Quotes like:

‘finishing 7th is like winning the champion league for a club like Everton’

‘Going to Man City is like taking a knife to a gunfight’

Both made by Moyes himself

A man who spent the last few years rolling out excuses about Evertons financial situation as a reason for us not getting closer to the elite group,while disregarding talented youth players in favour of 30 plussers, (Phil Neville in central midfield while Ross Barkley was either out on loan or ignored, just one of numerous examples)some of which he paid to acquire well Davey if that was such an issue for you, why did u sign your new contract in 2007?? Oh yeah, getting 3.5m big ones for merely ensuring our premier league status and a half decent cup run once in a blue moon is like taking candy from a baby eh…

His deficiencies as a manager are vast, no plan B, clueless substitutions only made when the game is too far gone to retrieve, inability to drive on a team when its struggling in a game, add to that his fannying about in the transfer market, its hardly a recipe for success is it?? Even preston fans dubbed him ‘dithering dave’ when he was manager there.

 But none of it was picked up on by the media and other sections of the football fraternity. Why you may ask??


All because of the smalltime attitude instilled by David Moyes, making our own fans, players and interested neutrals think that hes some kind of miracle worker, because of having it drilled into us for years that hes had nothing to work with and without his leadership we couldnt possibly cope, and journalists constantly churned out articles about him being a genius, turning ‘water into wine’ and other ridiculous analogies.

Today, after his sacking was confirmed, Colin Murray on Talksport was posing the question, where has the real David Moyes gone in the last 10 months…

It’s the same bloke Colin…

The same bloke, with the same ego, the same cruddy tactics, the same attitude towards younger players and same football philosophy of being too scared to win a game, and only focussing on trying to not lose it.

The only difference is, now, because he was doing it at Manchester United it stuck out like a sore thumb and his excuses and smalltime mentality wouldnt wash.

He’s turned United into Everton was a popular whine from the United fans. No he didnt, he turned them into Moyes FC, 2 completely different things chaps.

Cut from the same cloth they said, when Ferguson ‘chose’ Moyes last year. No chance, Ferguson managed Man Utd with distinction, incorporating all the historical values of the Matt Busby era, attacking football at all costs.

Everton have historical values too, ones Moyes chose to ignore, I never saw him mention our glorious history and values in his 11 years, because he simply wasnt interested in it,he even discarded the prestigious number 9 shirt which briefly got dug back out when Landon Donovan turned up on loan.

Roberto Martinez cant help but embrace everything that the club was built on.

Manchester United fans can count themselves very lucky..

You only had 10 months of the overhyped media myth, we had 11 years of it, and but for your former manager, we would still probably be stuck with him.

Maybe Moyes should manage someone like Newcastle, they are a club built on excuses and people thinking they are the dogs nads, when in fact they are bog standard average.

I have no doubts that Moyes will turn up at a Premier League club sooner rather than later, im just thankful, that it wont be mine, If you want ‘magical 40 points’ as your big target for the season, then by all means, get him in, if u want to see trophies in your cabinet, don’t bother, look elsewhere.

I’d like to end this by saying a massive thank you to Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United, for ‘choosing’ him,and for Dave Whelan, for letting us have Roberto Martinez and giving my football club the chance to get its identity back.

Dont worry United fans,you’ll get yours back soon.

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