Who killed Fernando Torres?


In January 2011 Fernando Torres left Liverpool to join Chelsea for a staggering £50 million, at that time it was a justified asking price, he was a proven striker with skill.
But is that where it went wrong? Was the bulky price tag to much weight for Torres to hold?

Torres has flopped throughout his Chelsea career, nowadays he looks more like a ghost in a football shirt and it hasn’t been the outcome he dreamed of from his big move.

Take into consideration Chelsea’s 3-1 defeat to PSG where Andre  Schurrle played as a false nine and Torres laid on the bench like an unwanted friend. The fact Torres only got 30 minutes playing time even with Schurrle playing rather doggedly on the pitch looking somewhat lost in his position is not great and it won’t help matters for the future as it seems the last little bit of faith in him is dwindling.

So the question is should Torres be looking for an exit door? If he leaves Chelsea this summer I can see that even with his bad form there are a few teams that would still sign him. Would a move to Arsenal fit? Or maybe a move back to Spain?

It is overly clear he has done nothing at Chelsea but who is to blame? Maybe Chelsea’s playing style doesn’t suit Torres. The Torres that played for Liverpool had confidence and skill and the Torres at Chelsea seems to lack everything he once had including the beautiful finish he once possessed.

Torres has faced exile on the bench a lot this season and it can’t be helping his mental strength- especially in big games and with Chelsea currently in the situation of no other strikers being  available with Eto’o injured and Ba also in exile where does that leave Torres?

If the manager has no faith in Torres how can Torres have faith in himself.

You can play the blame game all day long but the truth is Torres may have to play his trade somewhere else to get his form back, to exercise his demons and be the the £50 million rated player he once was.

I myself have always liked Torres and find his current predicament rather sad but thats hindsight for you, no doubt Torres would more than likely have stayed at Liverpool if he knew what was going to happen to his career at Chelsea.

So who killed Fernando Torres? Himself, Chelsea, or any of the Chelsea managers he played under?
Who knows….. But one thing remains will he stay or will he go?

Thanks for reading

A guest post from @redactedgooner

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