Parody: Latest letter from Robin Van Persie


This is an update to the fans about my current situation, I have kept quiet all this time out of respect to Wayne Rooney but as there has been a lot of speculation in the media I think it is fair for you guys to know the situation.

I had a meeting with David Moyes and Wayne Rooney this was a meeting about strategy and their policy,
I have had a great season but my goal is to win trophies, out of respect to Moyes and Rooney I will not go on in detail but unfortunately in this meeting it became clear that we in many way disagree on the way Manchester United should move forward.

I know I moved to United because of the Scottish manager but now I am playing under the wrong manager; Ferguson was like a father to me and I want to win trophies. I made a mistake…I listened to the little boy inside me; but today I am listening to the big boy inside me who is telling me to go back to Arsenal.

I have respect to all the United fans but I am sorry I want to win a trophy and play for a manager who doesn’t let his team get beaten by Olympiakos. So I must be truthful and inform you I plan to leave in the summer to further my career and I am wondering if Wenger will listen to my plea.

I am sorry if this upsets you but you should have guessed this would happen I did it to Arsenal so it was obvious I would do it to you.

Robin Van Persie

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