Young diving Furore causes debate


The hot topic of discussion this morning is Ashley Young’s diving antics this weekend after he was booked for the offence when Man United took on Palace at Old Trafford. Young has gained a bit of a reputation in the past for diving and he has earned 12 penalties throughout his career- more than any other player in the Premier League aside from ex-teammate Agbonlahor who is equal to him.

This isn’t the first occurrence in which a manager has had to talk to Young regarding this subject, Ferguson warned him against diving a couple of seasons ago and Moyes will be addressing the situation with the player today. But is it enough for the managers to step in? Should the FA take action to introduce a stricter way of dealing with cheats in football?

Diving is probably one of the worst offences in football especially if it isn’t handled in the right way by the referee and the team with the diving player get an advantage but in this instance I think Jon Moss made the right decision for the first offence during Saturday’s game.

Moss adhered to the technical rules of football and booked Young for diving-he can’t give a red card for diving because that is not allowed and the second incident has been debated so much on whether he was diving again or not, so it wasn’t a clear decision to make? Young slowed down his pace so he was sure that Dikgacoi would make contact, plus he was already falling before the foul was made so I think he was diving again, however he was fouled but it should’ve been a yellow card and free kick because it was outside the area so Moss did get that decision wrong.

The referee’s seem to get the most flack for these incidents as they are in control of the game but I actually think the FA are the ones that hold most responsibility in making sure it doesn’t occur in football in the future. They need to either give referee’s the ability to red card the offenders or they should implicate a banning system if a player is seen to be diving during a game or is booked for said offence. That is the only way things like this will stop happening.

Anyone who has played football has dived at one point or another or been involved with a diver and it is frustrating to deal with but it’s part of football at that level, however when it comes to professional leagues this should not be occurring. It is termed professional football because that is exactly what it is meant to be and diving isn’t a very professional thing to do. It is unacceptable behaviour when you are getting millions of pounds to play in the league that some can only dream of ever being part of and it is detrimental to the team and other players who have to fall victim of the dives.

Thank you for reading and feel free to comment.

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