Kyle Walker Apologises for laughing gas incident

Kyle-Walker-laughinggasTottenham defender Kyle Walker has issued an apology after photos of him inhaling “laughing gas” out of a balloon in a nightclub emerged on Sunday morning according to the Mirror

Walker was at a nightclub with friends during the summer in Sheffield when he inhaled nitrous oxide out of a “hippy crack pipe” throughout the night. Nitrous oxide is a legal high that can cause momentary intense highs but it can cause severe side effects such as strokes, seizures, blackouts and in some cases it can suffocate leading to death.

The player has taken to his Twitter account to issue an apology, this is what he wrote.

“Apologies for not commenting sooner on a story about me today. I’ve been  training and am focussed on Tuesday’s game for England.

“Now I know the health risks, it was poor judgement on my part.

“I won’t be doing this again and hope that no one else is influenced into  putting their health at risk by my actions.”

The FA have said that no disciplinary action will be taken regarding this incident.

The Pitch’s final thought: We all know players like to do things they wouldn’t ordinarily be allowed to do during the season, for example Ashley Cole likes to have a cigarette, Rooney likes a beer and who knows what Andy Carroll gets up to but the fact is when they are on holiday they will do things like this-it’s their summer holiday. I’m not condoning what Kyle Walker has done here, it’s a step to far in what society considers is the right way for a role model to behave, so it’s down to Kyle Walker and other footballers to keep these incidents private-don’t do it where you can be photographed and then criticised for later in the media, avoid all of that and do it in the privacy of your own home.

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