Brazilian team Masseur saves goal

A Brazilian team masseur ran onto the pitch to save two goals in the dying moments of their play-off semi-final in the fourth division causing uproar amongst the opposition and their fans.

The game was at 2-2 and in the last few minutes of the game the masseur was in the goal and kicked two shots away from the goal and then ran off the pitch after being chased by the opposing team and their fans. The stadium was in uproar as the referee and other match officials failed to take any action against the rogue saves as reported by Sky News.

Tupi are looking to take their opponents to court to get the result overturned as Aparecidence still went through as they were the away team, they feel it is unjustified that they went out as the goal would have gone in if it wasn’t for the masseur.

The Pitch’s opinion: When I got sent this video I laughed a lot and rightly so because it is funny, but it also shows a lot of passion from the masseur. He clearly wanted his team to go through desperately and was willing to do anything to achieve that, he even done better than the goalie himself. Whilst I can see that it was disruptive and action should’ve been taken by the referee’s I still think it was something amazing to see. How many of you would like to see your physio’s running on the pitch to do the same thing? I’m sure male fans would appreciate it if Chelsea’s physio did!

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