Top 5 Funniest tweets of the summer


The three months without Premiership football is almost at and end and soon we will be heading to the grounds or watching on tv as football returns once more. during the summer I have been collecting funny football tweets and these are my top 5.

5. When discussing the new appointment of Jamie Carragher as a pundit for Sky Sports @riesco_2013 pre-empted what would be a very subtitled partnership for the future.

You just know when Gerrard retires, sky will have him and that squeaky cunt Carragher as the 21st century version of Saint and Greavsie

4. @FootballFunnys are great for those one liners- 

What does Moyes do after he’s signed Ronaldo, Bale and Fabregas? Turn off his Xbox.

3. @‏FunnyFootball comment on Ryan Giggs’ ability to multitask effectively, especially in the past.

Ryan Giggs has been appointed as player-coach of Man Utd. Honestly, he has a good record of doing two things at a time. #brotherinlaw

2. @BBCSporf are one of the funniest parody accounts on twitter giving fake news reports with a humourous twist and this one was no different.

BREAKING: Papiss Cisse has deeply apologised for refusing to wear the Newcastle Wonga shirt, and has promised to give 1394% this season.   

1. @leonboreland absolutely had me hysterics with this tweet about the Royal baby and that’s why this one was my winner.

That babies not yours, that babies not yoouurs! Poor Prince William it’s Adebayor’s

I am always collecting funny tweets so if you have any then forward them onto @NikiBerryTPiB or

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