How to pick your Fantasy Football team


It is time for that moment that football fans across the country start to fill the void of missing football with forming their Fantasy Football team for the new season. When it comes to that all important managerial job of picking your team there are many factors to consider, the main one being how you are going to beat your mates this year. I personally start by writing a list of all the players I would want and then move on from there, others focus on money, positions or how many players you can get in from your own club. Most people have different ways of picking their squad and how they spend their money but I believe these 5 factors are important when forming your team.

Top 5 clubs

The clubs at the top of the league are full of players of a higher calibre so it makes complete sense to add at least one top player from these teams. It’s not financially possible to build your team up solely of expensive players but you can pick a few and still have enough for some bargain back-ups from the newly promoted sides, mid-table or bottom teams. The best way is normally to pick a player from each club for each position and then work your team around those players and if you have money left over then add in another high end buy.

Value for money

Anyone who played Fantasy Football last year will know that the best players weren’t always the most expensive and I think Swansea’s Michu proved that as he was huge value for money after an impressive season. When considering whether a player is value for money you have to firstly look at whether they are regular team members because the most important thing is too have regular points gaining every week. Also consider how they perform in their positions i.e Goal scoring, assists, shots saved, penalties and how many bookings they are likely to receive.

Player performances from the previous season

When you look back to last season there were many stand-out players and the competition for player of the year was a much debated about subject. When picking your team it is worthwhile considering buying one or two of the best performing players from previous seasons as they have shown consistency and are likely to continue that this season. I always think players like Mata, Lampard, Van Persie, Evra, Kompany have be strong throughout the last 2 seasons and they make good choices.

New players

With the promotion of 3 new clubs to the Premier League alongsidethe deals completed by the other 17 clubs there are plenty of new and exciting players to choose from this season. Having a new player in your squad is always worth the risk as they can turn out to be great in their first few weeks at least. The newly promoted clubs are the best place to find bargain players to support your main team as they are often quite cheap to buy but they work really hard which gives extra points.


The 5th and final one is knowledge and gut instinct. Use your knowledge of the Premier League and figure out which players are best in each position, which young players have excelled in their Euro tournaments and what players would provide the most points. Use your gut instinct in picking players that you think will come good and remember take a risk and enjoy it, it is a game after all!

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