Farewell Sir Alex: A tribute from a Gooner


On Tuesday night The Telegraph revealed in article that Alex Ferguson was coming close to the end of his reign as manager and within an hour the whole football world was discussing it and speculating on whether it was true. Wednesday morning brought the announcement that Sir Alex Ferguson would be retiring from Manchester United at the end of the season and he will be taking a seat on the board from next season. We all knew this day would come eventually but Fergie has managed to keep going every year that he gives off an air of invincibility and we all just thought he would carry on.

Fergie is the dad of the Premier League, he has the air of authority having been the longest manager and he has taught English football so much over the 26 years, he is responsible for thousands of teenagers making decent football careers for themselves and encourages them to keep quiet respectful private lives asides from the odd couple of players in recent years. He has a discipline of a dad that I bet every manager in the Premier League would love to possess, what he gets from his teams every year in terms of performance is something else, no matter what the end result of a season United always show consistency and there is bundles of morale and team spirit. He builds a family in his team, they all get on and despite his infamous ‘hairdryer’ treatment and occasional boot throwing Fergie has always had the utmost respect from his players and when they crossed that line with him they got sold and Fergie never looks back. He is fearless, in the past when he has sold his best players there was a certainty that he would regret he but he never does, he is always willing to admit when he made a mistake on a player as well as taking huge risks when he needs to.

Alex Ferguson spent 26 years at Manchester United and by the end of his reign he will have been in charge for 1500 games and in that time he has won 894 games and 38 trophies which is phenomenal. He has provided the Premier League with many years of quality football, great footballers and classy trophy wins making Man United one of the most envied and disliked teams, he has beaten almost every record and achieved so much in his time at United. When you think of the teams and players he has produced over the years you can see the obvious affect his presence has on the league not to mention the fierce rivalries, his relationship with referee’s and journalists, and of course the infamous Fergie time.

I have spent my childhood growing up and watching this man on the sidelines and I have seen what he has achieved as manager and it is nothing short of legendary. As a Gooner there have been moments when I have hated Fergie alongside everyone who isn’t a Man U fan but all jokes aside I highly respect the man, I am gutted that there won’t be just one more Wenger v Fergie battle to observe.

Not only is it a sad day for Man United fans it is a sad day for football, we say goodbye to one of the greatest managers this country has ever seen and I’m not sure anyone will ever live up to the legendary status of Sir Fergie. Whether you love him or hate him the Premier League just wouldn’t be the same without him.

Thank-you Sir Fergie for all those years of contribution to football. Be proud of what you achieved because you really are the best!

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