Why Is It Going So Wrong At Villa Park?


Aston Villa are really struggling and last weekend they hit an all time low as they entered the relegation zone at the bottom of the league. I can’t help but feel a little bit sad watching their demise unfold so badly, Aston Villa have been in the Premiership for years and they haven’t always played good football but they are the team to beat a lot of the time.

This has changed so much over the last 18 months and it is hard to figure out where it all started with Villa. Paul Lambert took over Villa this summer after they sacked Mcleish due to bad form. McLeish himself was only in charge of Villa 11 months in total. I think the change in manager may be a contributor toward this situation. Everyone knows that it takes time for a new manager to settle in.

Lambert has been in charge for a few months now and there hasn’t been much improvement on last season’s form, in fact it has been worse than what it was this time last year. He has had a challenge in taking Villa on and so far I haven’t seen much of a change or improvement since he has been there. It is fair to say that injuries have played a huge part in Villa’s drop in form but they still have some pretty good players so they should be playing a lot better. If something is working with the team then Lambert needs to change around and try new things.

I can’t help but think team selection is a big issue here, on Saturday for instance the subs bench was more or less full of better players than the ones on the pitch, I know they were all subbed on for the right people but if Lambert had started with them then it might have been a different game. The obvious issue that no-one is talking about at Villa is the situation between Lambert and Bent, these two have rumoured to have fallen out which has led to Darren Bent being relegated to the bench. I know he has played a couple of games and once again he is rumoured to have a knee injury but Bent is a great striker and he shouldn’t be a sub.

Lambert has been given £10mil to spend this January and I know Villa fans will be encouraging him to spend wisely. Who would you most like Villa to buy?

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