Malaga Suffers under FFP


It’s been coming. Who was going to be the first high-profile name that suffered under the UEFA financial fair play rules? Who was going to be restricted from entering European competition, trying to outlive their means in the pursuit of glory.

Amongst 6 clubs handed bans this week were Malaga, the most high-profile outfit from the set of teams punished. The Spanish team were taken over by a wealthy Sheikh only a few years ago and found themselves facing financial turmoil in the summer, needing to sell Solomon Rondon and Santi Cazorla just to prevent themselves being expelled from this years Champions League qualifiers.

Now in the last 16, and drawn against Porto in yesterdays suspicious draw, Malaga have been penalised with a ban, preventing them from, and I quote, “Participating in the next UEFA club competition for which it would otherwise qualify in the next four seasons. (I.E 2013/14 14/15 15/16 16/17)”

“In addition Malaga will be excluded from a subsequent UEFA competition for which it would otherwise qualify if it does not prove, by 31st March 2013 that it has no overdue payables towards football clubs or towards employees and/or social/tax authorities”

You’ll have to excuse any grammatical errors there. That was take verbatim from the UEFA site itself.

In addition to Malaga, Hadjuk Split (Croatia), Osijek (Croatia), Rapid Bucharest (Romania), Dynamo Bucharest (Romania) and Partizan Belgrade (Serbia) are all facing THREE year exclusions from competition unless they can prove solvency for want of a better description by March 31st.

Two other teams were handed fines and Lech Poznan had all accusations dropped in the investigations. However is this the start of UEFA finally taking things seriously?

Having looked into this, my understanding of this is that they have all been given suspensions for not paying money they owe to others. Not for what I believed FFP was all about. I understand that not paying your debts is one thing, but anybody can roll up with a billionaire and clear their debts without making a profit.

In the last few weeks Manchester City announced losses of near on £100m, down admittedly on the astronomical amount of the season before and Chelsea also announced a small profit for the first time in the Abramovich era. However Malaga has spent and acted no worse than these two clubs, or for the matter, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

It appears that alongside the 20th Decembers suspicious draw for the Champions League last 16 round, UEFA clearly have plans to target those who don’t fall in line. Suspending Malaga for not paying debts, whilst not suspending big spending clubs who cannot make a significant profit means that the law has no substance to it and merely shows UEFA’s incompetence at enforcing a law.

A note to Misseur Platini if you will.

Michelle, in the new year, do you think you could find it within yourself and your bunch of incompetent morons at UEFA to enforce a law and stand up as a world-recognised organisation and do something worthwhile?

Suspending Clubs whilst ignoring others displays nothing more than a witch hunt. Your FFP rules cannot mean a thing if you don’t use the rule for ALL parties. One other small thing. Sort out your racism charter. In a time when you fined Lazio as much as the average worker in London earns for Monkey chants, you really need to think about whether you are serious or not.

Your sincerely,

Football and it’s fans


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