Chelsea:The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 2012


Looking back at Chelsea’s 2012 it has been rather an eventful for year for them. I think out of all the Premiership clubs, there’s was the most talked about club.

The Good

Chelsea won the Champion’s league and the F.A cup this year. Despite having a bad Premier League season they managed to achieve winning two trophies. The games that they played leading up to the finals were fantastic games. I think winning both these trophies was the highlight of Chelsea’s year.

When Abramovich hired Roberto Di Matteo as boss Chelsea fans were overjoyed. The team really turned a corner with Di Matteo and he was a big part of their change in mentality. I think this was a good point to this year.

They signed some pretty good players in the summer, Eden and Thorgen Hazard, Oscar and Cesar Azpilicueta all joined Chelsea and they have been pretty good signings. Marin was also signed but we haven’t seen enough of him to know whether he is brilliant.

The Bad

This one I didn’t actually want to put here because I’m a fan of his, but you can’t deny that it hasn’t been the best of years for Fernando Torres. He just hasn’t found any real consistent form this year and hasn’t really played to the best of his ability. £50mil is a lot to live up to and with the rumour that Rafa was hired to help him I think Torres is on his last legs for Chelsea.

Ashley Cole and his usage of twitter got out of hand this year when he directed an angry tweet at the F.A using the #BunchOfTwats. He was fined £90,000.

Letting Didier Drogba go in the summer without really replacing him was a bad move for Chelsea. Although their form is much better this season they still miss that striker firing in goals left, right and centre.

The Ugly

Lets start this section with the Management situation this year at Chelsea. 2 managers sacked and 2 managers hired. I don’t know a team in the world that has a manager situation as ridiculous as Chelsea’s. Andre Villas-Boas was sacked in March and Di Matteo was hired as interim and then given a 3-year contract in the summer. Di Matteo was then sacked after only winning 2 in 8 games and then Rafa Benitez was hired a replacement…a decision that flabbergasted not only Chelsea fans but everyone. But all that aside the constant change of manager’s can’t have a positive effect on the club, new managers need at least a year before their jobs are at risk…unless they lose every game.

John Terry and not because of his looks before anyone gets offended. The racism incident was last year but John Terry’s racism case was the most talked about event of the year in football, especially when the court case was in July. Terry was found not guilty by a court but still banned and fined by the F.A for racial abuse and the whole country was divided in opinion. He also got sent off earlier in the year in the champions league semi-final after kneeing Sanchez in the back, which led to him missing the final, this was another stupid move from JT.

Mikel v Clattenburg was another ugly part to Chelsea’s year. Mikel and Chelsea accused Clattenburg of calling Mikel ‘a monkey’ and Mata ‘a Spanish twat’. The ref was suspended but later cleared of all charges.

Chelsea should have had every right to be shouting from the rooftops about their year but I think it’s slightly subdued due to the management factors mostly. What would Chelsea fans like to see in 2013?

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