Aston Villa: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 2012


Looking back over Aston Villa’s year it hasn’t been the best for them, but they can take some consolation that it’s finishing much better than it started.

I wanted to mention this but it doesn’t fit into any of the categories below. Aston Villa captain Stiliyan Petrov was diagnosed with Leukemia in March this year and had to take a break from playing to receive treatment. This was so sad to hear and the world united in support for Petrov and Villa park done a standing ovation at the Chelsea game. He is making a recovery now but the whole thing clearly affected the Villa team deeply which shows the strength in the background.

There have been many changes at Villa Park this year and I wonder what 2013 holds for them…but for now let’s look at Aston Villa’s 2013

The Good

Paul Lambert taking over at Aston Villa as manager I think is the best bit of their year. Lambert left Norwich to take over at Villa during the summer and I think there has been definite improvement since he arrived.

Their best game this year is their most recent one of beating Liverpool 3-1. Villa played brilliantly and this has been the best I have seen them play this year.

Signing Christian Benteke was one of best signings they have made in a few years. Brilliant striker and he has really boosted the team.

Robbie Keane coming back to Villa on loan.

The Bad

Form has been one of Villa’s bad points this year. From January until the season ended in May Villa only won 2 games and finished 16th, just points away from relegation. None of them were the dreadful big losses that other teams suffered but bad form affected Villa in a big way this year. It was their worst home record in 138 years and they had 7 wins in the whole season.

Alex McLeish’s complete denial towards the end of the season. He just couldn’t get his tactics right either and made silly substitutions.

The Ugly

The ugly part to Villa has to be Lambert’s refusal to play £24mil Darren Bent. He has been questioned profusely on this matter and still sticks by that this is the best team to play. Nobody can fathom why he is choosing Jordan Bowery over proven striker Darren Bent when he has been struggling for goals. There definitely has been a row between these two, Bent got injured and then since he has been fit he hasn’t played much at all. You don’t drop your captain and arguably your best player especially when you need them.

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