Top Ten Football Epic Fails of 2012


As 2012 comes to a close I took a look back at the year in football and all the events that have occurred. There have been some exciting, funny, strange and unfortunately some ugly moments too. I decided to compile a list of epic fails from this year, I had a lot to choose from and I wanted to mix humour and serious and these are my final ten.

10. The England Team

The England team were an epic fail this year for many reasons. The main one being that the team we have is the worst in years. They just don’t fit together and certain players shouldn’t even be on that team. We play such boring football now and that’s partly because of Roy and partly because the passion doesn’t seem to be there with some of the players. It’s like they see it as a chore. The Euro’s was a complete shambles, mainly because of the management situation but Roy done as well as to be expected only having been in charge for a few weeks. Going out on penalties again was a disaster though. England needed someone to come in this year and pick players based on form instead of continuing with the team already in place and then maybe we would stand a chance. Epic fail.

9. Joey Barton

Despite whether you think Joey Barton is an idiot or funny there’s no denying that he has had a year of being an epic fail. He had a number of on pitch incidents but the one that got most publicity was the final game of the season, he got red carded for elbowing Tevez and proceeded to attempt to headbutt company, kick Aguero and then squared up to Balotelli on his way off the pitch.  He stated on Twitter that he thought “seeing as I was red carded thought I might as well take a couple more out”. He was fined and banned but Qpr sold him during the summer. Off the pitch he is most renowned for his Twitter usage and using the social network to start b*tchfests with Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker amongst other people. But the funniest epic fail from Barton this year is the video below where he suddenly adopts a french accent.

8. Arsenal selling Robin Van Persie to Manchester United.

This was an epic fail for Arsenal,  they’ve had a few this year but this whole transfer debacle was awful. Fans got told on many occasion by Wenger that RVP was staying, they banned him from talking to the press during the Euro’s and then late in August after a few months of the transfer window being open Arsenal sold him to United.  You NEVER sell your best player let alone to your rival team. Can you imagine how the conversation would have been the other way round Wenger: Errr Fergie can I buy Rooney from you? Fergie: No you wee git, you got a bloody cheek, that’s how it would have gone. There is also the issue that without Van Persie’s goals Arsenal are sinking and they didn’t replace him well enough and those goals are keeping Manchester United up the top. I don’t blame him for leaving but Arsenal should never have sold him.

7. Manchester City’s Champion League Campaign

Ah the mystery of Man City’s bad form in Europe continues. Mancini was so sure that City would be able to compete in Europe after winning one title but they failed miserably and became the only English team in history not to win a game in the group stages-Epic Fail. How can you spend over £400mil on a team, win the league but yet fail to win ANY of their Champion’s league games? I think it’s because they genuinely think they are better than they are. It takes something special to achieve a winning mentality especially a continuing one. Man City played some brilliant football last season but so far this year that hasn’t continued, they are getting results but they aren’t as good as they were. Also Champion’s League football is different and Man City don’t have the experience.

6. Chelsea’s failure to defend their Champion’s League Trophy

I could have done a whole top ten on Chelsea’s fails this year but this topped the list for me. Chelsea won the Champion’s League under new but now old manager Di Matteo in May after a shock turn around on what was becoming a disaster season for them. Their 2012-13 campaign started off really well but their Champion’s league status took a huge knock after they became the first team ever in history to win Champion’s League Cup and then get knocked out in the group stages in the competition after. This is a fail of epic proportions.

5. Man United final minutes of the season

The finale to the 11-12 season was probably one of the most exciting I have watched in years. It all came down to two mins and those two minutes I watched the two screens one of which you see Man United’s game finish and the fans and players are clapping and celebrating and on the other screen you see City still playing and then they score twice/ At Old Trafford everyone’s face including Fergie’s just changes in sync with hearing the news. It was an epic fail to see that instant change in expression on Man United fan’s faces when they realised their rivals had won the league in Fergie time…Epic fail

4. Tottenham and Mind the gap

In November last year Spurs had a pretty good point lead on Arsenal. I think it was 11 points to start with and going up to 13 at one point in the season, thus arrived the Mind the Gap saying in which Tottenham fans posted it around the social network sites to various gooners. All Arsenal fans heard for a while was mind the gap. But Arsenal fans got the last laugh when Tottenham slipped up and had a bad run of results  and conceded their points which led to Arsenal overtaking them in the league and giving Arsenal fans the chance to get revenge and use it back to them.

3. John Terry

I don’t think we need many words to explain why John Terry is on this list. After the racism incident towards the end of last year all focus was on Jt for the first 7 months of the year. Terry had his court case in July in which he was found not guilty of Racism which really wasn’t the verdict everyone was thinking he would get, no matter which side of the fence you were on.  The whole incident was a stupid one and it should never have got the press attention that it did but the Epic fail lies with John Terry…there is no way he should have said what he said REGARDLESS of the intention.

2. The F.A

The F.A have been one of the biggest epic fails this year. The manner in which they have dealt with some of the major issues in football has been detrimental to themselves and the game. Bad refereeing decisions and goal-line technology are some of the incidents in which they have failed completely.  The England Manager position was a disaster after the F.A once again interfered with the England team causing Capello to resign and leave us managerless for a few months right before a major tournament. All football decisions are meant in the managers hands and they took that away from Capello. That is why they employed Hodgson the ‘yes man’ now, he will always do what they say. Both the John Terry racism and Mikel/Clattenburg racism cases were dealt with awfully by the F.A, neither of which was dealt with in the right manner, both these cases got completely out of hand. But the Epic fail of this year has to be the F.A’s kick it out campaign team, 18 people all of which are white…The worst example of racism ever.

1. Football

The world of football was a complete epic fail this year, in all the years of football I have watched, I think this was one of worse and it has especially has been escalated by the coverage in the media. The racism issues in football have been despicable and probably the biggest epic fail. Racism has occurred amongst players and fans across the world in many games and tournaments, and it is shocking that this narrow-minded opinion even exists but to have it affecting football is horrendous. Racism should not be getting this much coverage at all and it should be dealt with in a better manner and definitely more privately away from the media. FIFA and UEFA and other Footballing associations have been involved in the incidents and have been in charge of the sanctions and punishments. I think they have handled all situations badly after failing to have an appropriate system in place to deal with it. There were other occurrences that marred our games this year, footballers behaviour on an off the pitch, managers have been a little more heated, violence on and off the pitch at games, racist and abusive chants. In a year where we gathered and united to watch the World partake in Olympics proudly and with camaraderie, happiness and peace you have to wonder when did this disappear from football.

So thats my Epic Fails from 2012…Do you agree or have any different ones that you would have added?

One thought on “Top Ten Football Epic Fails of 2012

  1. I think you have hit the nail on the head here Niki. Each person, team, & manager on your list is valid. I would have liked to have seen Joey Barton a bit further up mind lol!
    I think that the fact racism is number one shows you what a big failure/inpact it is in the game. The board all white as you mention, how can you get an ethic side of the arguement from that? How can they understand what its like?
    I was very disappointed with the England team as well & it is heartbreaking to think that we invented the game but we can’t take it abroad & win. Its almost like having the patent but not producing the best goods.
    I would like to see less cheating in the game & more done to punish cheats who try to win at any cost or get other players sent off, by rolling around on the floor as if they have been shot.
    I hope 2013 there are substanttial changes to the game (goal line technology) & better referreeing.
    Merry Christmas!

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