5 People Abramovich Should Have Kept

Roman Abramovich sacked Di Matteo last week after only 8 months in charge. There are plenty of fans complaining and everywhere there was criticism towards Abramovich over the way he has handled the managerial situation. We all have our opinions on whether he was right in every case but I think these 5 men are the ones that Abramovich should have kept in place.

5. Eddie Newton

I put Eddie here simply because he was an ex-player and therefore that grants him years of knowledge, of watching Chelsea player, he knows them well and he had great rapport amongst the team. He was Di Matteo’s right hand man and I think he was very much the motivator behind the team towards the end of the season. Had he carried on with Di Matteo maybe he would have shown his worth more.

4. Steve Clarke

When you look at Steve Clarke sitting there at 3rd place in the league with West Brom it’s hard to imagine why Chelsea failed to keep him at the club. Clarke was at Chelsea from around 2003 when he worked with the youth team, he then got promoted to assistant manager for Jose Mourinho. He worked alongside 3 managers at Chelsea and he knew everything there was to know, he was the guy with the notepad in every game taking notes and it paid off. Steve Clarke has taken that knowledge and applied it to West Brom and that’s why they are doing so well.

3. Ray Wilkins

By far the most surprising decision ever made by Roman and probably one of the most regretful, out of all the people I have listed he is the one who truly has the measure of Chelsea and how they play, even when the team has completely changed. This man has so much knowledge on Chelsea, he was the players and the fans favourite after spending many years playing and coaching there as well as supporting the club. Wilkins was the best assistant manager Chelsea had, everyone who worked alongside him had nothing but praise for him. Ancelotti once said “Chelsea flows in his veins … without him we wouldn’t have won a thing”. Abramovich sacked him without reason during a game at the Bridge although this was later denied. I truly believe if they had kept Ray Wilkins on the form wouldn’t have slipped so much under AVB and he would have done a great job with Di Matteo.

2. Roberto Di Matteo

Sacked only last week after 1 win in 8 games Di Matteo became the latest victim for fall foul of Abramovich’s toys out of pram tendencies. I am shocked that a man who helped Chelsea win the Champion’s league final and F.A cup last season, who also was at 3rd place in the league was sacked so brutally. I thought Abramovich was wanting trophy success but it seems he wants someone who can win every game because Di Matteo gave him trophies. Di Matteo done a great job after taking over from AVB. he has turned Chelsea into a team that dominated the league for the first few weeks of a season and they haven’t managed that in a while. Roman should have at least given him a season…it’s what every new manager deserves.

1. Jose Mourinho

We finally come to the ‘Special One’ The only man to have managed to have a long(ish) reign under Abramovich and also the man who ended Chelsea’s trophy drought and turned them into a dream team that everyone was envious of. Yes he probably was the first person to spend Abramovich’s millions but he is still regarded one of the best coaches in the world if not the best. He built a team and one that won the league after 50 years, and they won it by the highest points ever (95) and only conceding 15 goals which was the least ever. He was sacked after his working relationship with Abramovich broke down. He certainly was the best Chelsea have had over the last few years. If Abramovich really wanted the Quadruple then he should have kept hold of Mourinho.

So that’s who I think Roman Abramovich was mad to have let go. Feel free to comment on whether you agree, disagree or think I’ve missed someone off the list.

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