Roman Abramovich…Fires More People Than Alan Sugar!

This morning Chelsea announce that they have sacked manager Roberto Di Matteo. Although there had been rumours flying around that he was under pressure I honestly didn’t think that they would sack him that soon, I was really shocked. It begs the question though; what on earth is Abramovich thinking? Why even give Di Matteo the contract to start with if he was gonna sack him 12 games into the season after a few bad results. If every club took this view there would be no managers left.

I write this article as a Gooner who has been criticising the board at Arsenal for a few months but I would never want Arsenal to be in the place that Chelsea are this morning. The two clubs couldn’t be anymore opposite, if they both moved an inch the other way and met in the middle then both clubs would soar. If Chelsea trusted a manager instead of spending millions on sacking them and if Arsenal replaced sold players and re-invested in quality players then the two Manchester clubs wouldn’t stand a chance.

When you look at the facts it is quite shocking. Chelsea have had 9 managers in 8 years and have spent £72mil (now £80mil) on sacking these managers. It is also not the first time that they have sacked someone after a short tenure, how does Roman ever expect to win anything if he doesn’t allow someone to build up consistency. Roberto Di Matteo lasted 262 days which is more than Scolari (223), AVB (256) and Grant (247) managed to achieve but this isn’t something that the club should be proud of. None of these 3 managers had a fair chance of showing what they can do and their careers have suffered for it after.

There are many fans that are moaning their clubs are in crisis but I think Chelsea fans have every right to have their say on this, I’m yet to find a Chelsea or any football fan that thinks that this sacking is the best thing for Chelsea. In fact everyone is saying that it is a really shocking decision to make and totally undeserved. Di Matteo might not have won the last few games but they are 3rd in the league and have a real shot of competing for top place, they are still in all other competitions including Champion’s league despite hanging by a thread. It’s a situation that has been handled badly and it should have happened, it’s a huge disrespect towards a manager who is also a big part of Chelsea’s history.

So what next for Chelsea? The odds on favourite as I’m writing is Rafa Benitez, a choice that seems to be a complete head shaker for the fans who have expressed their feelings very clearly that if Rafa gets hired then they won’t go to games and they will protest. I can understand the logic with Abramovich on this one, to put it bluntly he does not want to admit he made a mistake with Torres and sell him at a loss so he’s hiring the only man he knows can get the best out of him. Benitez will change Chelsea’s whole formation and way of play, maybe that’s what they need but it will be very different for the team but they are probably adaptable when it comes to change. I understand why he is not wanted by the fans though, I’m not entirely sure he is viewed as being good enough for the position.

If Chelsea have proved anything today it is that you can employ some of the best managers in the world and chuck lots of money at the team but it doesn’t always buy the success that they seek so badly, in fact it seems to have hindered the team more than anything. By the end of the day the new manager of Chelsea should be announced and hats off to the brave man who takes that job…may your career survive it.

Who you prefer as manager Chelsea fans?

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4 thoughts on “Roman Abramovich…Fires More People Than Alan Sugar!

  1. There is no pleasing that man Abramovich. How the hell does he run his company if he feels that his manager is not doing enough.
    Probbably the worst person in the world to work for in sport or ordinary business. Not a fan of Chelsea but for the love of sport, you have to have patience.

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