Top Ten Worst Premier League Signings

Over the last 20 years the Premier league has seen the arrival of many players. For every good player we have seen there has been a bad player to equal it out. We have seen some big money spent over the years and some of it has been spent on disastrous transfers. These players are the ones that I think belong in the top 10 worst ever players to have been signed in the Premier League.

10. Francis Jeffers


Arsenal signed Francis Jeffers for £8mil and he never lived up to the Price tag. He was nicknamed as ‘The Fox in the Box’ but sadly Arsenal didn’t see any of these wonderful goals. He made 40 appearance and only scored 9 goals and majority of these were his first few game at the club. His career never really recovered/started after leaving Arsenal.

9. Fernando Torres

Liverpool to Chelsea

I actually didn’t want to put Torres here because I still feel he is a great player and still has lots of potential but he is still one of the worst transfers. Costing Chelsea £50mil in the January of 2011 Torres had a huge amount of money to have to try to live up to. He became the most expensive player to be transferred inside of England but struggled to make an impression at Chelsea. He made his debut on the 6th of February but failed to score until 23rd april taking him to 903 minutes without a goal. In the 2011/12 season he scored 11 goals in 49 appearances and again went long periods of not scoring between those goal. It’s fair to say Torres hasn’t lived up to his £50mil fee but he is improving after a great summer in the Euro’s.

8. Stewart Downing

Aston Villa-Liverpool

Stewart Downing transferred to Liverpool in the summer of 2011 for £20mil. His first season was terrible, he failed to live up to the ability he had at Villa. He played in 36 league games and finished the season with no goals and no assists. A costly price for someone who just can’t perform for the team. He was one of the main people who were the subject of jokes and football memes this summer. This season Downing has been moved to a left-back decision, maybe this will improve him.

7. Robinho

Real Madrid-Manchester City

Robinho was a big transfer disaster waiting to happen. He had his mind set on joining Chelsea so much that when he signed for Man City he accidentally said he was glad to sign for Chelsea and the reporter corrected him. His first season didn’t go too bad but his 2nd season was diabolical. He eventually got loaned to Santos and then sold to AC Milan.

6.Winston Bogarde


Arguably one of the weirdest transfers that occurred in the Premier League. Bogarde joined Chelsea in the Vialli era although Vialli is said not to have known about the transfer as Hutchinson had dealt with it. Bogarde joined Chelsea on a free contract and only weeks later he was not really wanted by the club. He made a total of 9 appearances at Chelsea in 4 years, and earned £40,000 a week for the whole time he was their, due to a legality on his contract he also received an F.A cup bonus despite not playing for Chelsea that whole season. When Chelsea tried to sell him he decided to ‘honour’ out his contract stating “This world is about money, so when you are offered those millions you take them. Few people will ever earn so many. I am one of the few fortunate who do. I may be one of the worst buys in the history of the Premiership, but I don’t care, I am the best Chelsea pickpocket in history.”

5. Adrian Mutu

Parma- Chelsea

Chelsea bought Adrian Mutu for £16 mil in August 2003. He played really well in first half of his first season but the goals dwindled towards the end. That season Mutu publicly spoke about the fact that he and Mourinho did not get on very well. They also had the incident when they accused the other of lying about an injury. In September 2004 Mutu tested positive for Cocaine and was released by the club a month later. Chelsea eventually got compensated for their loss. He made it into my list because of the drugs, simples.

4. Juan Sebastian Veron

Lazio-Man United

In July 2001 Veron signed for Man United for a fee of £28.1mil. His first season was terrible, he couldn’t play in the fast pace of English football and really struggled. In his 2nd season he came back improved but never became the player Fergie paid for. Fergie had an f-word rant at a journalist regarding Veron’s bad performances and then sold him at a loss to Chelsea for £15mil. I can remember some of his worst games, they were just complete disaster. He made it into my list because of the amount of money spent for nothing.

3. Andriy Shevchenko

AC Milan-Chelsea

Shevchenko signed in 2006 for £30.8 breaking the record for most expensive player to be bought in England. He had a cracking start to the season but it was cut short after a hernia operation and other injury. When he returned he never regained form and was eventually loaned in 2008 back to AC Milan. Chelsea eventually sold him in 2010. This was one of the bad signings that was most prominent in my memory. I didn’t think he would ever be good for Chelsea. I don’t think he was suited to their style of play at that time. Shevchenko is on my list because we were all expecting this amazing player and it just never came.

2. Ali Dia


This made my list because it simply is one of the funniest transfer stories ever. I laughed so much when I read about this as a teenager. Ali Dia had failed numerous football trials but in 1996 he asked a uni friend to call Graeme Souness at Southampton under the guise of George Weah and convince him to give him a chance. Souness signed him up for a month and he played one game where he came on as a sub and played so badly he was subbed off again. He was released by Souness two weeks into his contract.

1. Andy Carroll


The long-haired Geordie signed for Liverpool on the last day of the transfer window in January 2011. His £35 mil fee was Liverpool’s most expensive signing to date. There were so many people saying what the fudge when this transfer occurred. It was a very shocking one. Andy Carroll had a terrible first season, scoring only 9 goals in 47 appearances and in the summer he was subjected to low bids from Newcastle United and West Ham before finally going on loan to West Ham. He definitely didn’t end up being the £35mil player Liverpool were expecting.

I had a great time doing this article and I had a list of about 20 players to choose from. If you agree or disagree with any on my list or have other player you think were worse please feel free to comment.

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Worst Premier League Signings

  1. Lmao forget a top ten you’d need to do the top 20 hahaha and you’d still need another list after wards igor stepanovs anyone hahahaha

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