Wanted: One safe Handed Goalie

The game on Saturday was awful. There’s no point in beating around the bush, we played terrible, almost as bad as the England team to be honest but at least they got the goals. We as fans are allowed to go into a game thinking it is going to be a sure fire win. Arsene and the team do not have that right, but that is what we saw on Saturday. A manager and team so certain of the win that they forgot to actually play.

We started off this season pretty strong, our much improved defence was obvious, we are scoring goals despite not having Van Persie in the team, everyone seemed to have improved over the summer and we had a much better start than last year. We were getting quite optimistic as fans that somehow this season was going to be better than the last season. But the ugly truth is that we are only two points more than what we were this time last season and everyone remembers what we were saying then.

I know there are fans saying that it is just one game but the fact is it’s not, if we want to be competing for Champion’s league football and trophies we cannot be losing to the team who has the worst defence in the Premiership. It’s a very bad loss for Arsenal. I would hope the team and the manager are at training this morning and discussing where they went wrong.

I think I must jinx Gervinho, the moment I start to actually like him he seems to go and have the worst game he had this season. I barely even noticed that Vermaelen was on the pitch; he just seemed out of form and frustrated. Jenkinson held that back 4 together at the weekend. The rest of the team were awful.

I really have to question Wenger’s tactics at the moment; he persists with no 3 goalkeeper Vito Mannone who is rubbish, a far cry from the safe hands of Seaman. Szczesny has improved lots but he not the greatest of keepers, Flappyhandksi is a horrendous goalie to watch, I get nervous whenever the ball goes near him. We haven’t had a decent goalie in years, when is Wenger going to cave and admit we need one. It’s frustrating when there is a perfectly good one sitting on the Spurs bench that we could have had.

I also have to question why he persists with Ramsey time and time again. He is so hit and miss, loan him out to Swansea for a year and he’ll come back good. Arsene needs to forsake the triangle passing if we want to score more goals, we are not getting into the box enough at the moment and there aren’t as many shots on target as there should be. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Gnabry and saw a few clips last week but we all just really wanted Wilshere on the pitch. It was so disappointing not to see him on even for ten minutes.

Well done to Norwich though, First win of the season and it was well played and well deserved.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment.

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