See, It’s Not About the Races…It’s about the football

There has been speculation the past few days that there will be a possibility of forming a ‘Black F.A’ for the players that are unhappy with being supported by a ‘white’ F.A. My head literally screamed with all the different ways that this wrong and how bad it will be for the football world, it could really divide a lot of people. This situation is growing vastly out of control and political correctness is getting beyond a joke.

Why do people need a term for their race nowadays? It causes so much trouble.  There have been so many terms over the years that have become offensive and nobody actually knows the correct one to use.  I assumed the word ‘black’ was offensive after John Terry and Luis Suarez got banned and charged for using this word and now official’s are using this as a prospective name for their ‘Black Footballing Group’.

A lot of people don’t focus on the fact that racism isn’t always aimed towards black people, white people get racially abused too, but there is never any mention of that in the media. I also think that if a group of white players boycotted the ‘Kick it Out’ campaign for the same reason and then considered setting up a separate footballing group(some might say that is the F.A) there would be a very negative response.

As you may have read in my previous articles, I absolutely do not condone racism. It has no place in this world and especially not in football. But I do not agree with having a seperate F.A for black players. That in itself is such a racist thing to do. It segregate them by race from white people and that is the very thing that defines racism. To have a seperate group it also goes against the kick it out campaign for unity in football. If you don’t support the campaign then don’t wear the t-shirt, but don’t seperate yourselves due to other people’s lousy attitudes.

I fully understand why the players who boycotted on Saturday do not feel that the F.A are giving them full support, because they aren’t. The F.A don’t deal with situations in the best of manners, they change around the rules per player, make bad decisions and choices, not to mention the dubious actions they have taken over the years to protect their image which is their priority.

When you look at the F.A as an organisation they have very few members that are of a different ethnicity than white. They have a lot of ‘old’ policies and have only agreed this week to review the way they deal with racism. It is the same with Fifa, every single one of the 17 members of the ‘Kick it Out’ campaign are white. I don’t think anyone has confidence in the F.A, not players, managers, or fans but there’s nothing we can do.

So where do we go from here? I think one solution would be that ALL footballers of any colour/race set up a union and unite against racism in a seperate campaign the F.A’s one. Segregation is not the solution though. I think everyone should grow up and start acting like adults, ignore racists and unite against them and play football.

The subject of racism is extremely delicate to discuss, nobody really knows what is right or wrong in terms of a solution because of the nature of the subject, it’s hard to even talk about racism without the possibility of saying something wrong. I have found myself questioning a few things as I was writing this article but one of the main things I questioned is why in 2012 should there ever be a need for an article discussing this?

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