Time for Fifa to Blow the Whistle on Racism

Over the last year Racism has dominated the Football world through various different incidents. Why this is still allowed to occur in today’s world is beyond me. I just can’t understand why people think this way, this is 2012 and some people have not learned anything in the last century on the damage the racism does to the world. It is such an old-fashioned and very small-minded way of looking at people who are human and have emotion like of all of us.

The incident in this week’s International game England U 21 v Serbia U21 was disgusting to see. Danny Rose had been submitted to racial abuse throughout the game from the fans. When he scored at the end he celebrated near the Serbian fans and then the team started running over and it all kicked off. A player should not have to endure abuse because of of his nationality or the colour of his skin.

In this instant the FA/Fifa Should really be looking at the Serbian team and reprimand them for not only failing to control their players but for the racial abuse England players suffered on the pitch. Serbia have only been in International football for 6 years now but their presence is marred by their violent history in football. This is one incident in a long line of many for the teams short history. Maybe they should be disqualified because of this, the players involved definitely should be banned.

For racism to still be an issue in football with all of the governing bodies we have, there is something very wrong with the system. They need to take a more serious approach and punish the people who are racist in a different way because the system clearly isn’t working.

I have thought of several solutions to the different types of racism that presents itself in football.

Fan Racism- If any club has fans that are racist towards players or opposing fans, if they chuck items at players or shout racist chants then ban them! Ban the fans from going to the next game. I know this doesn’t earn the team any profit from ticket sales but it is a punishment, if you allow these people in the club then you have to take responsibility and punish them. I think fining the club should also be kept. If the individual fans can be found then prosecute them.

Player to Player Racism- Every player that plays in English leagues must all sign a contract to say that they will not use racist language or abuse of any sort whilst on and off the pitch, if they are found to have done this then they should get banned. The ban needs to be with immediate effect after the incident and the player should receive an 8 game minimum and it shouldn’t change between player to player, all racism is bad. I also think a formal public apology to the offended person.

If any racism occurs during a Tournament from team players or there is a repeat of abuse from fans over a number of matches then this team has to be disqualified or fans banned from games.

I might be controversial in pointing this out but the people who are responsible within Fifa for handling the Race/Respect campaign are all white, maybe this is setting an example in itself. How can you have 17 members of a race campaign without any diversity amongst them. I doubt any of them have first hand experience of racism so therefore wouldn’t have the knowledge to deal with it. That is clear when people like Sepp Blatter say that “racism can be sorted with a handshake”

Racist people should be treated like idiots that don’t know any better because that’s what they are. So punish them appropriately and it won’t happen again. Football authorities need to eradicate this and do it properly. It is their responsibility to make this game an equal one.  Failing that stop putting it in the media for everyone to see, it glorifies the situation and these people don’t deserve the attention. It’s time racism was out of the football game, there is no place for it.

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