Pole-Axing Time for Roy after Poor Performance

The World Cup Qualifiers over the last week haven’t been the best for the National team. First of all we had San Marino and despite winning, I don’t think that the team can come away feeling particularly proud of that game. For the first half hour of the game the team looked like they just didn’t know what to do and they just seemed to have no instruction.  The midfield struggled to keep possession and they just didn’t move forward and attack enough.  If it wasn’t for the penalty after that shocking collision involving Walcott and the goalkeeper then I’m not entirely sure how long it would have taken us to score.

Yesterday’s game against Poland wasn’t much better. I don’t know if it was ever destined to be a great game after Tuesday night’s rain fiasco. Fifa need to come up with a better way to organise things, there’s too many rules and regulations that are complicating the game. How hard can it be to get a roof closed over a football pitch. That is the whole point of having a roof. To delay calling the game off was ridculous too, the pitch was in an awful condition, we all knew we weren’t going to be able to play. Anyway enough about Fifa’s bad organisation, the England were not organised themselves in their games.

For the first half our of the game I actually couldn’t believe how slow and sloppy we were, we lacked pace and precision when it came to passing the ball. When Rooney scored with his head from a Gerrard cross in the 31st minute, that was as exciting as the game got for me, that was the moment of the game for England. Jagielka for me was the star of the game. Poland however had a great game. They created lots of chances and they outplayed us

I’m just gonna put it out there, I am not trying to be negative or insulting but this England team don’t stand a chance of winning the World cup 2014! There needs to be a vast change in the way we play if we stand a chance of getting anywhere near the final stages. We just aren’t world cup winning material at the moment. The game against Poland today shows that we are still not entirely comfortable playing the more competitive teams and we need more confidence amongst other improvements.

There are still lots of errors and Roy has a lot of work to do if we are going to get anywhere decent in this competition. I would love for him to be a brave manager and scrap the whole team and start from scratch and pick players completely based on form and see how that went. I’m not sure it’s the right solution but it has to be better than continuing with this and putting fans through more games like these.

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