The Pitch’s Evening Report

I thought I would try a daily summary of all the football news to see how it goes. I will be giving you all the latest news from the football world as well as my opinions on the subjects.

In today’s news

David Moyes got Manager of the Month award today. I think he thoroughly deserves it, he has done so well. Everton had a great month and the best start to the Premier League season ever. They got to 2nd place in the league and the team have played some brilliant football. Moyes has even said that this is the best team he has had in his 10 years as manager.

Steven Fletcher got Player of the month award. I also agree with this award. Fletcher scored 5 goals in 4 games for Sunderland. He also got a call-up to play for Scotland again. He had a fantastic month and he really deserves this award.

Ashley Cole has apologised to the FA for his Tweet in which he referred to the FA as a “Bunch of Twats”. He apparently apologised to the FA through Bernstein after seeing him on Monday night and therefore has been cleared to play for the World Cup Qualifiers. If he does play it will be his 100th England game. I don’t particularly like Cole but I like the fact that for a moment of madness he reacted like any human being would. I’m curious to know whether he’s sorry he ranted on twitter, sorry about the content or both. He isn’t the best judge in the world but he’s not far wrong about the FA.

Tony Pulis has called for the FA to punish Luis Suarez for Diving. Brendan Rodgers seems to be in denial a bit at the moment. He has come out and said that he thinks Suarez is being treated unfairly after being accused of falling to the ground too easily. I think there is more than enough video evidence of Suarez diving so clearly Brendan Rodgers is not watching the videos properly. If Suarez feels he is being victimised then I suggest he tries to exercise a bit more so he’s stronger on his feet.

Newcastle United have signed a loan deal with Wonga that will enable them to be the club’s main sponsor from next season onwards. The 4-year deal will give them the chance to change the name of the ground back to St James’ Park.  Wonga have also agreed to invest £1.5 million into the Youth Academy. Fan’s will be happy about this but I think there will be criticism from other sources due to Wonga being a loan company but I think there are so many different bad advertisers associated with sport and this is on the lower end of the scale.

Owen Coyle has been sacked as Bolton Manager after a bad run of results so far this season. Bolton were relegated from the Premier League last season and they don’t seem to be improving at all. Coyle used be such a good manager but something isn’t working within the club and unfortunately it’s the manager that takes the hit for that. Hope Bolton get a good enough replacement.


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