How To Make Your Mate Support Your Team – Part 2

One of the most controversial,questioned and applied aspects of covert/ hidden hypnosis, is that of hidden commands.

There are many who will argue that they do not work – yet the president of America himself uses them – shamelessly.

There are those who say they have no merit – yet still buy McDonalds even though they know they are literally eating ****. So, to all those people I say, ‘To learn something from scratch, it’s always best you’re studying with someone who knows what they are talking about.’

So there!

What are hidden commands? Well, they are exactly what they sound like. They are commands, usually around three words in length, which are hidden within an innocent sounding sentence or context, with designs on a certain outcome.

Take a look at the sentence again: ‘To learn something from scratch, it’s always best you’re studying with someone who knows what they are talking about.’

Look at the words which are in italics. Did you spot the command on the first read?

Did you scratch your nose?This, in very basic form, is covert/ hidden commands embedded in language.

This skill takes time to master, especially in the spoken form. When doing it in writing there are several techniques, but the general idea is to mark out the three words without making them sound too obvious.

The ways this works is that on a subconscious level, if the three words – scratch your nose – are said slightly louder than the rest then the sub-conscious mind cannot help but group them together. Imagine that you enter a room where everyone except three people have black coats on. The other three have yellow.

Rightly or wrongly the first thing your mind assumes is that these people are together, should be together or are the same in some way.

Hidden commands work using this basis.

So, for a little bit of extra fun and as a way of reinforcing the methods from the last blog I have taken the liberty of writing a few hidden command for some of the premier-league teams. If you can think of any more please feel free to share, I’d love to hear what you come up with.

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Arsenal: A decent pair of jeans doesn’t just look good, they have SUPPORT all around, including around the ARSE AND ALL the rest.

Aston Villa: If I won the lottery I’d FOLLOW that by getting an ASTON, and maybe a VILLA in France.

Chelsea: I was at the beach and my niece asked whether I could SUPPORT her arm while she held up a huge SHELL-SEA, I mean sea-shell, up to her ear.

Everton: Have you EVER picked something up that weighs a TON and remembered that bent legs ARE BEST when lifting heavy objects.

Liverpool: My stomach just won’t SUPPORT certain things like LIVER. I just end up in a POOL of vomit.

Man City: I prefer to work outside. I LOVE the freedom. I’m not a MAN for the CITY.

Man Utd: LOVE between two men could be thought of as MAN UNITED.

Newcastle: If I were King, I would LOVE to build a NEWCASTLE to live in.

Norwich: It’s quite hard to find a sentence to SUPPORT the idea that we canembed commands to like NORWICH or other things.

QPR: I would LOVE to know if the people who look after the QUEENS gardens are considered to be PARK RANGERS.

Reading: To make purple simply add RED to blue IN varied amounts. This works THE BEST most of the time.

Swansea: I wonder what it would be LIKE to see a SWAN on the SEA.

Stoke: To kill vampire you must put a STOKE through their heart, it’s THE BEST way to kill them.

West Ham: People in the East like cheese, and people in the WEST enjoy HAM. There is evidence to SUPPORT THEM.

Wigan: You can SUPPORT who you want. Keep your WIGON.

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