England Lion heart caged by FA attitude

John Terry announced yesterday that he was retiring from International football. He stated that his reason for retiring was due to the FA’s decision to pursue the charges against him,which meant his position with England had become “untenable”. The FA are continuing to charge Terry, despite him being cleared by a court of law and this is where this whole situation has got everyone debating.

John Terry is being charged by the FA for using “abusive and/or insulting words” that “included a reference to the ethnic origin and/or colour and/or race of Anton Ferdinand”. But in this instance shouldn’t Anton Ferdinand also be charged because he used abusive, sexual and derogatory terms, but he seems to have escaped punishment. The FA Should have charged JT straight after the court case finished instead of prolonging the case, if he was already guilty of using abusive language then it should have been dealt with immediately, instead the FA have acted unprofessionally and let this go on for longer than necessary.

I think the FA are trying to prove a point at the moment and unfortunately JT has ended up being used as the scapegoat of the point they are trying to prove. They have said they are continuing with this case due to integrity and will discuss the words exchanged between players but it’s all one sided. The FA are trying to take the moral high ground after only days ago issued a full grovelling apology to the families of those lost in the Hillsborough after allowing a match to be played on a ground without a safety certificate, it’s just a bit too late for them to take their morals into account.

Everyone has their personal opinion on Terry and I think it’s more likely that the majority of people do not like him or have a negative view towards his behaviour or actions on and off the pitch but it’s time to remember that he is human.  I bet we’ve all said and done things in the past that we regret,  how would we have felt if our bosses had continuously tried to penalise us for it even though it hadn’t affected our performance or our career. He has acted professionally throughout all of these ‘scandals’ and has still continued to give his all to football. He doesn’t deserve to be treated this way.

I think this has been a hard decision for JT to make, a player like that doesn’t just give up on something he’s dreamed of and worked hard for most of his life with ease. He loves football and has always done well for both club and country.  He has always said in the past that there was nothing that could stop him from playing for his country so this must have affected him in a big way for him to make the decision to retire. He has been treated so unfairly in the past and this recent case has caused more trouble than it has ever been worth. I don’t blame him for quitting. I would have done the same in his position.

I think it will make a difference to the England team not having Terry’s presence on the field. He has been one of the best defenders this country has seen, he is strong, fierce and he doesn’t give up without a fight. The England team have lost a great leader in John Terry.

Cheers for all the England years John Terry.

Photo credit goes to @ChelseaMemes on Twitter.

Headline credit goes to Paul Savage

3 thoughts on “England Lion heart caged by FA attitude

  1. So Rio can call Ashley Cole a Choc ice and there is NOTHING done about that and is was there for evryone to see, so what have the FA done about that situation NOTHING.

    It also annoys me that the law says innocent until proven guilty the court of law found Terry NOT GUILTY so what right does the FA to question and put them selfs above the Law as it stands get of your high horse and do something more constructive with your time

  2. Thank you John Terry for your service to our England team, you never put club before country and gave 100% effort on and off the field. I know who will get booed more around the grounds this season.

    It`s time we took control of our game and merged all the money making machines like the FA, Football league and Premier league. How much of our cash does it take to run that lot and we pay Sky TV cash for our services so count that lot in as well.

    What a bunch of muppets, anybody who has been hauled before a local FA at grass roots level will tell you they are just a bunch of little hitlers. Most of them have never played the game, there just pen pushers and office cats.

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