Wenger going gets tough (Arsene get going)

Hey Gooners, hope you have all had a good week. I’ve been nursing a fractured Metatarsal and a bad back for a couple of weeks so it has been a bit quiet on the writing front but I am back now and full of even more opinions as usual. This is the first Arsenal post to go on my blog this season so far which means I’m adhering to my new rules of covering all of the premiership.

First topic of discussion has to be the Gazidis interview that was released this morning. We all know that the board are terrible in communicating with fans but in terms of communicating with other members of the board and especially Peter Hill-Wood I think they are falling short. It was only some few weeks ago that Hill-Wood stated that Arsenal cannot compete with other clubs on the transfer market due to lack of funds but in the interview that Gazidis gave on Monday he says

“We generate revenue and we reinvest all of that revenue in football. We don’t pay dividends; the money doesn’t come out of the club. All of the money we make is made available to our manager and he has done an unbelievable job in managing that spend. “

If this is the case then why isn’t there more to spend? We are the 4th richest club and I don’t know much about the business side at Arsenal but I am guessing we should have more to spend on players if Gazidis is in fact telling the truth. Neither interview is matching up and I feel that once again the fans are the last to know and we are left wondering who to listen to.

In other parts of the interview Gazidis lovingly talks about how Wenger is still the man for him, ok I made that sound a little bad but he does confirm that he still thinks Arsene Wenger is the man for the club and wants to offer him a new contract to stay at the club. At risk of pissing of loads of AKB* believers I don’t agree with this anymore and I don’t think we should renew his contract. I hear what you are all saying, Wenger had all that success, it’s the board’s fault, he still the man for the job blah blah blah, 7 seasons without a trophy is not doing your job.  There I’ve said it, its fact too, regardless of the circumstances, he is paid to build a team that wins the league and other trophies and he has not done that.

I’ve always kept an open mind in regards to Wenger. I appreciate that he has a huge amount of football knowledge in that head of his but I think he’s best time at Arsenal was when David Dein was still there, I’ve said it before but them two collectively achieved the team that won two doubles, went 49 games unbeaten amongst other trophies and success. When Dein left and Silent Stan came in that’s where things started to go wrong.

When you look at who Wenger has bought since Dein left they are a bit more hit and miss, instead of there being a lot of quality players there are a few and then the underperforming duds that Wenger persists with season after season because nobody else wants to buy them.

I always keep at the back of my mind that the board are mostly to blame for the selling of our best players and the transfer funds made available to replace them players.  I appreciate that Wenger has a great eye for a bargain and his policies on youth development are great but somehow only work to every other clubs benefit and never ours long-term. But I don’t think Arsene Wenger should be offered a new contract. I think we need a fresh brain to look at the team and see where they can take us. I will always like Wenger he’s been a great manager to have but now it’s time to go.

*Arsene Knows Best

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