Sterling choice for England

Everyone seems to be a bit against Roy Hodgson calling up 17-year-old Raheem Sterling, but I actually think that’s the first decent decision he’s made. Sterling is a fantastic player, when I saw him play for the first time a few weeks ago I was really shocked he was as young as he is.  The Liverpool winger is able to do practically everything, score, pass, tackle, defend and he’s bloody fast too. I’m a little bit gutted Liverpool have him to be honest.

Everyone knows that I am not Hodgson’s biggest fan but I actually back him up on this decision. I think Sterling would fit into the England team really well, even if he was only a sub to start with.  He can provide the necessary back up towards the end of the game, and I do think he is good enough to start in the team. He has shown great promise for Liverpool, in fact I think he has been their best player so far this season.  He has been compared to Theo Walcott and Wayne Rooney but I think he has the potential to be better than both in the future.

Sterling is young but he has proved so far that he can handle it. I don’t think he plays as if he has been chucked in the deep end, he seems to be handling things well. He is confident and assured on the pitch and that is a good thing to find. I understand that people are thinking it’s a risk because he doesn’t have that much experience but he has a wealth of talent that will cover that and he’s worth the risk. Raheem Sterling has not gone unnoticed Liverpool were amongst a myriad of clubs that wanted to buy him including Chelsea, Fulham, Manchester City and Manchester United.

I think it’s about time youngsters with talent and ability get called up more often, they are of course the players that will be the future of football. It gives them the advantage of getting to know how to play with the team and what better time to do it, whilst we are still at the qualifying stages and prepares them for World Cup and Euro competitions.

3 thoughts on “Sterling choice for England

  1. I wanted an English manager and there wasn`t too many with the experience at the time, so Hodgson it is. The trouble is our Premiership has too many foreign players playing every week, which keeps the English players on the bench. Yes to more youngsters in the squad & team but it should also happen at the clubs.

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