Boring Boring England

Was anyone else as bored as I was last night watching the England game? I love watching football but watching England play at the moment is about as interesting as watching paint dry.  We all knew Hogdson would have a bit of a boring effect on the team mostly going for the defensive, clinical and slow performances rather than attacking fast football but the team performances are just not up to standard.

We started so badly it was like watching a sunday league team for the first few minutes, the passing was awful and inconsistent. They did improve towards the middle of the first half and dominated the first half in terms of shots. The 2nd half was just slow though, I got so frustrated watching it. The defense were the biggest problem in last night’s game, they just didn’t seem to be on form.  It was huge error that Ukraine even got to score their goal, which was a great goal I must admit.

Our last few games asides from the Moldova game have been dreadfully boring and clinical to watch. we seem to have forgotten how to tackle, most of our players danced around last night not making any decent challenges, that’s going to be an issue especially in the World Cup when a lot of teams have attacking formations. The standard of football throughout nations is getting better and better. We need to improve majorly to stand a chance.

I’ve been of the opinion recently that maybe the older players should step down before the World Cup but after Lampard being about the best player on the pitch last night, I think maybe I might be a little bit wrong on that. Maybe take a couple of the good ones but leave the underperforming at home.

I know there are lots of fans that are satisfied with a draw but I’m not one of them. Draws aren’t going to win us a World Cup in 2014 and neither will performances like last nights game. We need to sort out the English players system throughout the league so that these young players are getting regular football and then they will be prepared for 2014.

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