The Pitch is Back…One year on!

Exactly a year ago today I opened a wordpress blog called The Pitch is Back.  When I wrote my first post I never imagined that I would come this far in just a year.  It has been a fantastic year for myself and the blog and I have enjoyed every moment, I have enjoyed writing about football and all related subjects throughly throughout the year.  Fortunately it has been a great year for football which helped.

In the last year I have had the chance to write with and for some brilliant people. I have had some great websites that have given me the chance to submit articles to them, despite the controversial content of some of them. The websites that I have been published on are all a great part of how I have got so far and I’d like to thank them all especially Ftbpro, Striker’s Tackle and This is Futbol. Without websites like these fans would not be able to read other fans point of views. I have had so many people advise me and give me tips along the way and they have been a great help.

But my biggest thanks has to go to my readers, followers and the many friends that I have made throughout the last year.  Without you guys I would not be sitting here typing this out now. I am eternally grateful for all the time you have put into reading my articles, discussing and debating with me and each other.  I have built up a great network of football friends on here, Facebook, and Twitter and I have enjoyed every discussion I’ve had. Most of all I have to thank you for allowing me to wake up every morning and do the thing I love as my job…Thank You

Happy 1st Birthday 🙂

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