The Watchlist Part 2

So before the season started I done a young player’s watchlist and part one of this watchlist. This is the 2nd half of players that I think will be worth watching this season.

Santi Cazorla- Cazorla joined Arsenal in the summer for an estimated £15 mil from Malaga after they hit financial strain. Known for his pace and creative ability the player has a lot of potential.  He has started the season playing at Arsenal like he has been there for years, slotted straight into the midfield and is confident and seems to know where everyone is around him already.  He takes chances that not players would see, I think he could play anywhere in an attacking role for Arsenal which makes him a great player to have when the squad needs rotating, He has made a great impression so far.

Eden Hazard-Hazard was one of the biggest transfer sagas of the year, he had the pick of many clubs who wanted him and probably would have offered anything to sign him, I almost wondered if he would live up to all the hype but he has so far. Hazard chose Chelsea in the end and it seems like a great decision for both player and club. He has already scored one goal and has 7 assists which is a great start for the Belgian player. I think he will be a contender for player of the year.

Javi Garcia- The Spanish player signed for Man City on the final day of the transfer window from Benfica and even though he hasn’t played yet I think he once he starts playing he’ll be part of Man City’s team on a regular basis. Garcia is a defensive midfielder and can also play in central defense.  He has a great defensive nature about him and can block really well.  He can also score goals every now and then which adds to his talents.  Man City have so many players that can play in an attacking position and Garcia will help back up the defense.

Ricky Lambert-The Southampton player is a huge a valuable part of the Southampton team.  He has won the Golden boot for top scorer in the Championship 3 out 4 times in the last 4 years.  He averages about 21 goals a season and this could be a huge contribution to keeping Southampton in the Premier League.  The 30-year-old striker is a great player, despite his large build he is fast and can score goals from set pieces and open play.

Carlos Tevez- After spending the most of last season AWOL after arguing with Mancini it has been good to see Tevez back to playing football.  The Argentinian is a great player despite the awkward attitude at times. He has played a couple of games this season already and he looks set to be scoring plenty of goals this season. Tevez is so good at the attacking side of play and as well as scoring goals he assists them too, partnered up with Aguero, these two could easily be the strikers of the year.

So that’s my watch list for this year. Hope you enjoy, and if these players are all rubbish feel free to nag me at the season of the season 🙂




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