Top Ten Footballers that look like animals

When they call it the beautiful game I don’t think they were talking about the players in our top 10 footballers that look like animals.

Here is a light hearted top 10 looking at what we think are the top 10 football players that look like animals.

10) Peter Crouch – Giraffe

Peter Crouch Looks Like A Giraffe

9) Luka Modric – Weasel

Luke Modric Looks Like A Weasel

8) Robbie Savage – Afghan

Robbie Savage Looks Like An Afghan Dog

7) Ruud van Nistelrooy – Horse

Ruud van Nistelrooy Looks Like A Horse

6) Bacary Sagna – Porcupine

Bacary Sagna Looks Like A Porcupine

5) Oliver Kahn – Lion

Oliver Kahn Looks Like A Lion

4) Franck Ribery – Rat

Franck Ribery Looks Like A Rat

3) Harry Redknapp – Basset Hound

2) Roy Hodgson – Owl

Roy Hodgson looks like an owl

1) Gareth Bale – Monkey

Gareth Bale looks like a Monkey

Do you think we’ve missed out any footballers that look like animals? Do you have suggestions? The rules are simple – they have to have been professional footballers at some point in their lives and be well known in the game.

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