The Pitch is Back Weekend Report Week 2

As the 2nd weekend of the new Premier League season has come to a close I have been typing up the weekend’s games and reports and giving my opinion. I am enjoying the quality of the new players in the league, there seems to have been some impressive signings over the summer and they are adapting to their new clubs well. I am absolutely loving the new season so far, it’s great to have football back.

I watched the following games and this is my report for them

Swansea v West Ham 3-0

Swansea are starting this season on fire, they don’t seem to be missing Rodgers at all and that showed in Saturday’s game, they were the stronger team on the pitch by a long shot.  West Ham didn’t offer much in this game and they made critical errors early on in the game which led to them conceding goals. They played better towards the end of the first half but couldn’t come back from being 3-0 down.  Swansea took their chances well and maintained the great form from last week. they look like they have improved tactically from last season and they seem to be doing well under Laudrup.

Stoke V Arsenal 0-0

This has to be one of the most frustrating games of the weekend to watch but I think that’s because I am a gooner. It was a bit of a boring game, neither team really passed consistently enough to be able to score and the attempts weren’t enough to bring any goals to the games. Stoke played to their normal strengths of defending well against Arsenal and marking the midfield well. Arsenal just seemed lost, as the defense has improved it seems to have drained the energy from the attacking. Cazorla once again had a great game.

Liverpool V Manchester City 2-2

Well we all expected that Man City were going to be all over Liverpool, come on…admit it you all did too. But to my surprise this game was a hell of a lot different to what I was expecting.  Liverpool came out much better this weekend and after a few early injuries they took this game and gave it a good go, they deserved to win but Skrtel’s back pass to Tevez gifted him his 100th goal and the equaliser.  Man City were sloppy and unorganized. They should be grateful for the draw as they didn’t deserve the result. I have to say as a little extra that I think Liverpool’s Sterling is definitely a player to keep an eye out for.

The other results from the weekend

Aston Villa 1-3 Everton

Manchester United 3-2 Fulham

Norwich 1-1 QPR

Southampton 0-2Wigan

Tottenham 1-1 West Brom

Goal of the week-

Van Persie

Player of the week- Eden Hazard

Game of the week-

Chelsea v Newcastle 2-0

I really enjoyed this game, it was a very entertaining game to watch. This is the best overall game I have seen Chelsea play in a while, they were definitely back to their previous fluent form. A quiet Newcastle seemed far from the tenacious team that visited the bridge at the end of the season, but I’m not sure if that because Chelsea stole all of the thunder. Newcastle had their fair amount of shots but just couldn’t find the back of the net. Torres seems to be finding his form again, he was involved throughout the game and then got his chance to score before the end of the first half. I picked this game as my game of the week because there was some really good football played and Chelsea have some new brilliant players to watch. It also looks like Torres is back to form as I predicted a few months back.

So thats the weekend summary for you guys and girls. Don’t forget to check out the blog during the week for more articles. 🙂

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