The Pitch is Back Weekly Preview

Well after a week of technical difficulties I have managed to put together a preview of the weekend’s Premiership games in time for Saturday’s kick off.  After last week’s interesting start I am looking forward to seeing what the results will be from this weeks games.

Swansea V West Ham

After Swansea started the season on fire last week with a 5 goal thrashing of QPR, I think this week they will still retain their form and play well. West Ham won against Aston Villa last week and they are definitely off to a good start in the Premier League. I think both teams will be raring to go and I think this will be an attacking game to watch. However, Swansea might have the upper hand but I think West Ham will definitely try their best to win.

Players to watch out for- Michu (S) Vaz Te (WH)

Aston Villa v Everton

Everton are probably still celebrating their opening win with Man Utd and so they should.  The played excellently last week and they are definitely looking like a strong team.  Villa lost to West Ham and still need a lot tweaking to the team to make it stronger but that will hopefully come in time. I think this game has the possibility of being very one-sided in Everton’s favour and Aston Villa need to defend better this week.

Players to watch out for- Baines (E) Vlaar (AV)

Manchester United V Fulham

Man Utd will be reeling from a 1-0 defeat against Everton last week and Fulham are still on a high from last weeks 5-0 winn against Norwich so this is set to be an excellent game to watch. Sir Fergie has  already said that Van Persie will be starting the game on Saturday. I think this will be a tough game for United if both teams retain their form from last week, however Man Utd rarely lose a game at the start of the season let alone twice in a row.

Players to watch out for- Van Persie (MU) Kacaniklic (F)

Norwich v QPR- Both these teams took a 5 goal thrashing last week so they are equally eager to come out and try to win this game. Norwich are under new manager Chris Hughton and he will be wanting his first win. Qpr are full of new signings and they will be looking for that first win too. It will be a game of equals I think and we’ll possibly see a draw. But I think actually Norwich might have the edge on this one.

Players to watch out for-Holt (N) Hoilett (QPR)

Southampton V Wigan

Southampton made a great return to the Premier League last week. Despite losing they played brilliantly against Man City. Wigan lost to Chelsea and I don’t think they quite had the form they had from the end of the season. I think both these teams will come out and play a great game. Wigan will especially be looking for a win and get their season off to a better start. Both teams are capable of winning this match.

Players to watch out for- Lellana (S) Di Santo (W)

Sunderland V Reading-

Reading have had the most unfortunate start to the season and they are already a game ahead without a win. Sunderland played a very defensive game against Arsenal last week and it worked. It earned them a draw and they played so well. I think Sunderland might switch this tactic this week as Reading are a little weak defensively, but Reading will be doing their very best to get their first win of the season so they won’t make it easy for Sunderland

Players to watch out for- Sessegnon (S) Guthrie (R)

Tottenham V West Brom

Tottenham had a tough game to start the season with and they lost 2-1 to Newcastle despite having a pretty good game. West Brom beat Liverpool 3-0 last week completely taking advantage of their defensive woes after Agger got sent off. Tottenham played well last week so they have to come out and do the same this week. West Brom seem to be on form and a 2nd win against Tottenham will help keep them in that mindset.

Players to watch out for- Sigurdsson (T) Lukaku (WB)

Chelsea v Newcastle

Both these teams are off to a great start. Chelsea have won both their first games and Newcastle won their first game.  Although Chelsea had a worrying moment in their game against Reading the turned it around and won 4-2. Newcastle played well against Tottenham and Demba Ba’s goal was brilliant.  This is going to be a great game to watch.  Both teams will come out wanting to win this one. Hard to call a result

Players to watch- Eden Hazard (C) Ben Arfa (N)

Stoke City v Arsenal

Arsenal drew with Sunderland last week, they had a myriad of chances but failed to score.  The new signings played well and they looking promising.  Stoke drew with newcomers Reading in a lacklustre game that seemed to go on for ages. Arsenal will be looking for the first win of the season to avoid a repeat of last year’s bad start and to prove that life can go on after Van Persie. Stoke will be looking to improve their form and come out and play better than last week. What used to be unpredictable game might actually go Arsenal’s way on Sunday

Players to watch out for- Kightly (S) Santi Cazorla (A)

Liverpool V Manchester City

Liverpool lost 3-0 last week after a dismal display against West Brom which included the first red card of the season. Manchester City started with Reading, a game they thought would be easy but Southampton played fantastic against the Champions. Brendan Rodgers will be eager to get a win for this game to try to get his first Liverpool season off to a good start but somehow I think Manchester City might take the result for this game

Players to watch-Borini (L) Silva (MC)

Wherever you are this weekend watching football in stadiums or in the comfort of your own home, I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend 🙂

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