When Saturday Comes

So it’s that time of year again, that time that us football fans have been waiting for all summer, the 2012/13 Premier league season kicks off on Saturday afternoon at 3pm gmt. I really hope it has all the excitement we had from last season and more.

I love it when the Football season starts. I love the build up to it during the week, everyone speculating and discussing how the new arrivals are going to perform, the predictions and the bets that people make for the end of the season, I love setting up Fantasy League and picking out players…But nothing beats the feeling you have when you wake up on that Saturday morning and you know that it’s only a few hours until kick off.

I have a routine for match days. I am a Soccer Saturday addict so as soon as that starts its on for the rest of the afternoon, my friends come over and we all talk about the impending season, we all support different clubs so that always provides good conversation, we listen to Soccer Saturday and discuss what they are talking about. When it comes to kick off time we have the results coming in and we cheekily stream a game and watch that.

This season has the potential to be better than last season and I never thought I’d say that.  We have new managers throughout the league and they have a chance to bring their new clubs to success.  There have been some big signings this summer so there is the excitement of seeing how well the new boys will play.  The league was so close last year and full of twists and turns and I think this years league is going to be amazing, I think there will be some shocks along the way but it wouldn’t be football if it didn’t.

This summer of Sport has given our country something to be proud of in terms of achievement. I hope footballers everywhere can take a little bit of the dedication and passion that we saw from the sports people and bring that into football.

So here’s to another great football season, whatever team you support and wherever you are in the world I hope you enjoy it and remember The Pitch is Back


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