Robin Van Persie -The newest Red Devil

So Wednesday’s news announcement has brought an end to arguably one of the biggest transfer saga’s of the summer.  It was announced laste weds night that Arsenal completed a deal with Manchester United on the sale of Robin Van Persie. Van Persie is thought to be completing his medical today and then it will all be finalised by the end of today. The deal is thought to have been for around £24mil.

None of us wanted Van Persie to leave this summer, especially after the way he played last season but we all knew that he would leave eventually whether it was now or January.  We also hoped he wouldn’t stay in this country but why would he go elsewhere? This is one of the best if not the best league in the world, it makes sense to stay here.  I’m just glad he chose United and not City.

I’m not saying I’m not bothered by him leaving, of course I am, he was thrilling to watch last season and if he had stayed at Arsenal he could have been a legend but let’s look at the facts: We just got £24 mil for a 29-year-old player who took 7 years to show his potential, is injury prone, and literally has had one good season in his playing career. That’s bloody good business.  He’s certainly no Wrighty, Henry or Bergkamp either, when you look at talent like that it makes Van Persie look average.

I have to say I am so glad this transfer is over and done with.  This has been a frustrating one for Arsenal fans, never knowing what’s going on and always being lied to.  The club need to rethink their ‘quiet’ policy and start telling the truth during transfer windows instead of dragging out the selling of our big players and insisting time and time again that they are staying. Wenger has done this a lot of the summer but still it has happened and this morning he said that he had ‘no choice’ but to sell RVP.

Despite what I say about RVP I still think our board are terrible.  I don’t know how we keep allowing them to do this to our club. We lose player after player due to their mistakes, something has to stop soon. I am actually wondering whether they’ll even reinvest the money from Robin Van Persie’s transfer into buying more players or will they sit on it and count it as profit.

As one of our best players leaves this week I want to remind you that we have made some signings and spent some money and we will get through this.  We have had worse times at Arsenal and we have sold better players before and still bounced back.  Gooner Family unite once again for the start of the season on Saturday and let’s go cheer our new boys on.

Whenever you get mad about Van Persie leaving just remember he will be playing in a picnic shirt next season lol!

One thought on “Robin Van Persie -The newest Red Devil

  1. what get’s me raging are the lies that wenger talks, a couple of days ago he was saying that ‘he expected van to stay etc and that podolski and giroud were not brought as replacements’ – 48 hours afterwards he tells us they were brought in as replacements and that he doesn’t need to sign anyone to replace him – in other words the profit brought from his sale will go to the board and kroenke instead of being used – tho we all knew that was coming and also tells us they knew it was going to happen hence the signing of these two international forwards tho only poldi is experienced enough, giroud had one outstanding season last like vp and was the highest goalscorer in france – tho gervinho was the assist leader in france before we signed him and well need you say more on that i think giroud is going to stutter a bit this season and cazorla also as the prem is very different in terms of physicality to la liga, if song goes sign de jong straight away as well as dempsey and a credible defender of experience and we may be contenders as i feel we’re still a third of a team short of contenders for a full season campaign with the amount of deadwood we still hold onto cos no-one else wants em as covering players

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