My Predictions for the 12/13 Premier League Season

It’s that time of year when the new season is upon us and I have to make predictions.  This year has been the hardest for me to even try to predict.  It’s been a pretty quiet transfer window this summer but yet there have been some big signings.  I think this season is going to be every bit as unpredictable as last season.  These predictions are made solely on a football fan basis and not an Arsenal fan basis.  I wanted to be unbiased this year.

The Top 6

1. Manchester United

2. Chelsea

3. Manchester City- I have edited this after Van Persie left Arsenal, Arsenal move into 4th and Man City into 3rd

4. Arsenal

5. Newcastle United

6. Tottenham

It was between two different formations but in the end I chose this top 6.  It might be a slightly controversial prediction but it’s the one I settled with the most. I decided to have Manchester City at 4th and everyone must be thinking I am crazy but I have based that on the fact the top 3 teams have strengthened up their squads with a number of good signings and although Man City have bought Rodwell and they already have a great squad I just think the other teams will improve and Man City will just maintain their form.


Aston Villa


West Brom

In my opinion I think Villa came very close to being relegated last season and the fact that they haven’t replaced the players they lost from last summer I just can’t see them staying up in what will be another competitive season. Southampton were great in the championship last year but I just don’t think they have enough good players to be able to stay up this season. The final one is West Brom. I don’t think West Brom are going to do that well without Hodgson and Although Steve Clarke has a lot of Premiership experience I just don’t think he will do well at West Brom.

First Manager to be sacked Steve Clarke

First player to score a hat trick Sergio Aguero

Golden Boot/Top Scorer

Fernando Torres to win Golden Boot.

Top 3 scorers will be

1. Fernando Torres

2. Robin Van Persie

3. Sergio Aguero

PFA player of the year Juan Mata

PFA young player of the year Alex Oxlade Chamberlain

So that’s my predictions for this coming season. Please comment with any that you agree or don’t agree with and tell me what your choices would be.

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