The Watchlist-Part 1

There are so many fantastic players in the Premier League at the moment, the talent just gets better each season and it becomes harder and harder to pick out players when there are so many doing well. I decided this year’s watchlist should be split into different articles, last week you had the Young player’s watchlist and this week is The Watchlist where there will be a selection of players that I think will have a great season.

I am starting this watchlist with a slightly controversial choice but no 1 is

Fernando Torres-Last season the Chelsea forward found it hard to settle at the London club and failed to maintain any consistent form. I think it was a tough season for Chelsea, they weren’t completely on form and this didn’t help Torres. But towards the end of it, he started to shine through and show the talent that we all knew he had.  He also took part in Spain’s Euro success and although he only played a few times, he scored in them games and he looked like he was strong and a lot more like the Torres of a few years ago. I think this season will be different for Torres, I think he is going to have an amazing season.  Di Matteo has reinforced the squad-especially in midfield with Torres in mind and I think they will definitely aid and assist Torres this season.  I think with Drogba gone as well it’s time for Torres to take his chance to shine.

Hatem Ben Arfa- The Newcastle winger was fantastic towards the last 5 months of the season and I think he will continue his good form in the new season.  The young french player has a tendancy to be hot-headed at times but he plays well enough to make up for it.  He will be a great asset to Newcastle’s midfield this season and if they decide to place him upfront with Cisse then I think he will definitely score more.  I think Ben Arfa is in for a very productive season, we’ll definitely see more goals and assists from him.

Ricardo Vaz Te-After an unsuccessful spell at Bolton;Vaz Te played for a few other teams before signing for West Ham in January this year.  Since he has been at West Ham he seems to have focused his energy in a positive way.  He scored 12 goals in 18 appearances and he looks to be a fierce and fast player. The 25-year-old is mostly played as a striker but he is also a great winger. He could be a player to keep an eye out for and I think he will do very well this season.  Keeping his scoring form he could definitely provide some excitement this year.

Fabio Borini-The Italian striker is new to the Premiership after joining Liverpool from Roma.  Borini has already impressed by scoring a goal in Liverpool’s Europa game against FC Gomel. He could be a great addition to Liverpool after Bellamy leaving.  I’m sure he will be a great scoring partner for Suarez or Carroll or both in a 4-3-3 formation.  Borini scored 10 goals in 26 appearances for Roma last season and he could improve that in the Premier league this season especially having worked with Brendan Rodgers before.

Shinji Kagawa-I have to be honest I hadn’t really heard of him until the transfer speculation started but after watching a few videos I can see that this is going to be a great signing for Man U.  He is a very fast paced player who is able to pass so consistently and also can move around players as if they weren’t there.  He plays as a midfielder but he is definitely in the scoring midfielder category. Playing alongside Valencia and Nani I think he’ll have a brilliant season.

This is the end of Part One. Part Two will be released in the next few days 🙂

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