The Watchlist- Best of the Young Players

The standard of talent in the Premier league is raising every year and young players are getting better and better at playing football.  These guys are the future of football and it’s great to see talent developing right before our eyes. Every year I make a Watchlist-a list of players that I think will have a great season. This year I decided to do two lists, a Watchlist and a Young Player’s Watchlist.  These are the ten youngsters that I think are worth watching this season.

1. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: Age 18

The young Arsenal player has made a good impression so far on the Premier League.  He is a great footballer in the making. Having broke into the Arsenal first team and the England team for the Euro’s it’s fair to say that he has shown some great talent for his age.  He is a fast solid player who can move through a defence with skill and pace. As well as being a winger that can play on the left or right he is also able to play as an attacking central midfielder.

2. Kyle Walker: Age 22

Walker made his debut for Spurs on the first day of the season last year and ever since he has been an important part of their back 4.  The young Right back received a call up to play for England at the Euro’s but couldn’t due to injury. Walker is one of the best youngsters around at the moment.  He is a brilliant right back, he challenges with tenacity and defends so well.  He is definitely going added to the last of best defenders this country has ever seen.

3. Scott Sinclair: Age 23

The Swansea winger played so well for Swansea and I think there’s plenty more to come with him.  The winger was a huge part of Swansea’s promotion campaign scoring 27 goals in 50 appearances and he also had a great season in the Premier League. Sinclair plays on the left wing and can score with both feet.  Last season he ran around that pitch always chasing the ball and created plenty of chances for his teammates to score.  His accuracy is brilliant.

4. Juan Mata: Age 23

I was actually really excited when I found out Mata was this young. The Chelsea winger was absolutely brilliant for them last year.  The fast paced winger has amazing skill and technical ability, he plays such beautiful football. He just has such way of playing, he’s exciting to watch. He more or less plays in the winger/attacking midfielder role but he is so versatile that his talent can be utilised upfront too.  If Chelsea have a good season Mata will be a huge part of that and could easily be contender for player of the year.

5. Connor Wickham: Age 19

The young striker plays for Sunderland after signing a record breaking deal with them in June last year.  He came from Ipswich where he was of their best players.  He is a fierce young striker and impressed many people by the way he played at Ipswich. He picked up a knee injury early on in the season against Man United last year which was unlucky but I think he will be back with a vengeance this season and be a key player for Sunderland.

6. Oscar: Age 20

Chelsea have just signed this young versatile player from Internacional for £25 mil. Oscar can play as an attacking midfielder or a winger.  I think he’s one of the best young signings to come to the Premier League and I’m excited to see what he can do. In 70 appearances he made 19 assists and scored 22 goals.  He looks to have a promising future.

7. Jack Rodwell: Age 21

This young player has risen through Everton’s youth system and he is a brilliant player.  One of the best young midfielders around at the moment.  He generally plays a defensive midfield role but he can also play Centre back.  He is a consistent passer and great with long balls and blocking.  He has had a few injuries but he is fit and ready for the next season.  I think he will definitely have a great season providing he can avoid injury.

8.Daniel Sturridge: Age 23

Sturridge is easily one of the best developing talents this country has at the moment.  He is a strong, fast striker and has the talent to dribble a ball around people with little effort, he is fast and creative too. With Drogba gone I think this is Sturridge’s chance to shine and I think he will come through for Chelsea this season.  Being able to play as a striker or a winger will definitely help Sturridge this season.  Playing alongside the likes of Torres, Oscar, Mata and Hazard will enable him to score a lot more goals and develop his talent.

9. Victor Moses: Age 21

Moses had a fantastic season last year with Wigan Athletic which has made him one of the hottest transfer on the market. He is a fast paced winger/striker and generally plays on the left. Martinez utilised his talents last year and he really helped Wigan beat some of the top 5 clubs. Regardless of whether he stays at Wigan or leaves for another club Moses is definitely due for another great season.

10. Jack Wilshere: Age 20

Wilshere has been unlucky in regards to injuries after being out for a year with ankle and knee injury.  But hopefully the young Arsenal player will return back to the team with full force.  He is a brilliant midfielder and he has so much talent for a guy his age.  He is strong and great at blocking, he can also attack as well as defend in midfield and this gives him the upper hand.  If he can return to premiership football this season and keep the injuries at bay he has the potential to have a great season and possibly be one of the best midfielders in this country.

Please take a moment to comment and tell me who yours are or who you think will be best 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Watchlist- Best of the Young Players

  1. Good list there, tho i have doubts on Wilshere this season due to him being out for 14 months if he makes it back in October, and for that i see him having a real struggle getting back to his best before the injuries occurred this coming season 🙂

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