Pitching a new season!

It is less than 2 weeks until the new Premiership season and I cannot wait.  The Pitch is Back is going full steam ahead with lots of new exciting features.  As I mentioned in the beginning of the summer I will be covering ALL Premiership clubs from this point on.  Last season was my first year and I was a little Arsenal biased being a Gooner, but this year I am moving forward with covering all Premier League football news and writing as a football fan. I will still be writing articles on Arsenal and Gooners can find my articles on


I have had a busy summer planning new features and I will hopefully be adding a merchandise page to the website shortly.

In the lead up to the Premier league starting I will be compiling:

  • A  watchlist of players that I think will do well in the premiership this season
  • A list of my Predictions
  • A transfer round-up
  • 1st day of the season preview

This season you can expect:

  • A weekly summary of all the premiership action
  • Goal/player/team of the week section
  • General football news
  • Podcast discussing the Premier league with a group of fans
  • Discussions on Fantasy league
  • Covering the NextGen series
  • Funny Tweets of the week

Plus there will be more exciting changes throughout the season.

I’d like to say thanks for reading my blog and if you could take a moment to share this to your friends I would appreciate it a lot 🙂

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