The best and worst of the new Premiership Kits

Most of the new kits for the impending season have now been released for the fans to see and purchase.  There have been a fair few debates regarding the design of each kit from the fans and the obvious discussion and debates from other fans too.  But who really has the best and worst kits?

Arsenal have released a new home and away kit.

Arsenal’s new home kit is Red, white and blue. Red shirt with white sleeves which are sporting some blue and red hoops and the collar is blue now instead of white.  I quite like it but not many Arsenal fans do.  It’s been said that the sleeves are too much like the France flag.

The new Arsenal away shirt however is a brand new design.  Doing away with the traditional yellow, blue or darker red Arsenal have gone for Black and Purple stripes with red trim.  A very different change and the majority of fans are disliking the change.  The pink goalkeeper shirt is a bit shocking.

Aston Villa have released a new home and away kit.

Their home kit is Claret and white and their away kits are neon green.  They recently changed their sponsors and I think the changes made to the kits are nice.

Chelsea have released a new home and away kit.

The home kit is kept to the traditional blue with new gold twist to it. My dad’s a Chelsea fan and I also spoke to others and they like the home kit.  They said it’s nice to keep the traditional and add to it with the gold detail.  Chelsea have also released a new away kit which is White with a Turquoise strip down the middle.

Chelsea fans don’t seem to like this much, they think it deviates too much from their traditional Chelsea blue and the lighter shade is a bit much.  I happen to think it looks quite nice actually.

Everton haven’t changed their home one much but their away one has been changed from the dodgy pink to a nice black away shirt that actually looks quite smart.

I think Evertonians everywhere are liking the new away kit.

Fulham have released a home and away kit.

Its remained the same as the previous football strip but they have added the black pinstripe detail, which is reminiscent of their 1980’s era.  Fulham fans seem very pleased with the new strip and the fact that it has still remained traditional.  Their away strip is sporting a dutch feel as they release an Orange and black away kit.

Liverpool have 3 new kits out, the home one is their traditional yellow and red, but they have changed the emblem back to the one of the ‘Liver’ bird from the 80’s.  Their away shirt is black and yellow.  Their 3rd kit is the most changed kit and it is something totally different

The away kit is purple with red stripes and silver sleeves with patterns on the sleeves.  I’ve not found a fan that likes this kit as of yet lol. It’s certainly different.  I don’t like this one at all, I think it is the fake tattoo pattern on the sleeves that makes it worse.

Manchester City have released a new home and away kit.  The home kit remains in sky blue but has a new black collar and badge.  Not many changes made there.

The new away kit is Maroon and yellow with a v neck collar.  Personally I think it looks like Arsenal’s old away shirt, I like it though, nice kit.  When did Noel Gallagher start playing for City though?

Manchester United have released a Home and rumoured away shirt

This is their new home shirt, a Gingham red check shirt with a black collar. When it was revealed to fans a lot of them reacted in the negative way.  There were a lot of comments likening it to a picnic blanket or a tablecloth. I don’t really like the design myself but the photo’s don’t do it justice, it does look slightly better in normal light of day.

Man U away kit

This is rumoured to be Man U’s new away kit, it hasn’t been confirmed yet.  I have discussed this one with any fans yet but in my opinion it just looks like an England kit with different badges.

Newcastle United have released a new home and away shirt.  The home shirt still has the traditional black and white stripes but the white stripes have been made bigger so there is a slightly different look to it this year.  It’s very much like the Juventus shirt.

Their away shirt is Maroon with a black stripe at the right shoulder.  I like it though.  It’s different for them.  Most Newcastle fans I have spoken to like this too.

QPR have released a new home and away shirt.  Their home shirt is not much different to their last one but due to new sponsors they have released a new one.  The away one however is awful.

I think that it would have looked better without the pattern on the sleeve.  I’m not a fan of it but QPR fans seem to love it.

Swansea have released a new home and away kit.  The home kit is very much like Real Madrid’s kit, but it looks nice.

But their away kit looks a lot like a liverpool shirt.

The football kit as we know it has undergone many changes over the last 50 years.  But each year kits get nicer and more modern, it’s actually a really nice thing to look forward to in between seasons. This year there have been some pretty big changes to kits, some of which are nice and some of which are highly debatable amongst fans.  Either way people will buy the shirt because it’s their team and they will wear it anyway.

The kit that was the centre of most discussion I think was the Man Utd kit.  People were discussing this kit for days on social network sites. Obviously it’s very different for them, but it’s not the worst kit this year, for me that has to be the Liverpool 3rd shirt.  Thats a really bad looking shirt in my opinion.  The sleeves with the fake tattoo print are just ridiculous.  The best shirt in my opinion is the Chelsea home shirt. It just looks good and it’s in good keeping with their traditional colours and still looks like a football shirt. But if anyone in the premiership really wants to moan about their kits, just remember you could always be wearing this lovely cocktail coloured Barcelona away shirt.

Thats really got to be the worst kit at the moment.

So that’s the end of The Pitch is back kit review…

Who has the best and worst kits please comment and leave your opinion below?

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