Can Carroll still carry a Toon?

So one of the biggest transfer rumours that everyone is talking about at the moment is the possibility of Andy Carroll moving back to Newcastle United.  Newcastle United have apparently asked Liverpool whether they can take Carroll back on a loan deal for a season or there is a rumour of a cut price buy back offer of £12mil. I think for Carroll as a player; the loan move for a season just might be what he needs.   He just seems out of his depth at Liverpool and certainly hasn’t lived up to his price tag of £35 mil.

When Carroll was sold for £35mil I thought that was a pretty high price to pay for him.  Yes he has talent but he had the 2nd highest transfer fee in history and that is a lot of expectation to live up to, especially in the EPL.  We have all seen in the past that sometimes the price tag has an effect on a player’s ability.  I am going to be honest and say that I really don’t think he was worth the money.  £35mil is a lot for a player especially when they haven’t really had the years of experience or outward obvious talent.  A few years on and he could have possibly been worth that but not at that time and definitely not now. When you see the likes of Van Persie, Rooney and Aguero scoring majority of the goals in the EPL, Carroll doesn’t come close and he has a higher price above his head. That wasn’t helped by the fact that Liverpool had a dodgy season in terms of results and form.

I think Carroll played really well for Newcastle, a product of the NUFC youth team, the fierce and fiery striker made his way on the team by proving how good he was, but he was only just settling into the Newcastle first team when he got bought by Liverpool.  I think had he stayed at Newcastle then he would have been a great striker for them.  I’m not saying he’s bad for Liverpool, I think he has had moments where he has played really well and I was actually glad he got called up for England because we do need to develop his talent so he can play for the England team in the future.

I still think Andy Carroll has a lot of promise but I think playing for Newcastle United again will be the best option for him,  he will fit in really well with Ba and Cisse and strengthen up NUFC’s attacking approach.  I don’t know whether this deal will go through as a loan, or a full contract, and if it’s the latter I don’t think Liverpool should expect what they paid for him.

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