John Terry-Racist or not?

John Terry is in court today in regards to the alleged racism claim made against him by a member of the public after Chelsea played QPR.  I’ve written about this incident before and I’ll try not to repeat myself. We’ll find out if not today then over the next few days the outcome of this situation and what will happen as a result.  So many people have been quick to judge on this before the court verdict has been given.  I am still of the notion of ‘innocent until proven guilty’

I do not condone racism at all.  I think that racism is still such an outdated opinion.  To make fun of someone in regards to their skin colour is just ridiculous, and shouldn’t still be occurring.  But the hatred for John Terry is ridiculous too.  We should not be judging this situation as we weren’t there.  I’ve played football with both men and women and you always hear things that have been said in the heat of the moment and people just don’t mean it.  Doesn’t make it right what JT said but also we don’t actually know what prompted him to say it if he did.   Jt doesn’t deny that he made this comment he just denies that it was in an abusive manner. Is one comment said out of anger enough to label someone as a racist? I might also be a bit controversial in what I am saying here but if this was the other way round and JT was abused for being white-would it have gone to court? I think not.

Anton Ferdinand didn’t report this after the game so it seems it wasn’t such a big deal to him either and maybe this court case would not have even happened if it wasn’t for the QPR fan reporting it. Obviously if John Terry gets found guilty then yes I do think he should be banned for a few games, but if he doesn’t then I wonder how many people will overturn their opinion of him and leave him alone? He has had to endure abuse himself over the last year and he has also lost his place as England captain twice. Isn’t that enough punishment for one comment.  How can you give that back to the man if he is found not guilty.

(photo credit goes to soccer graphics)

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