Andre Villa-Boas is new Tottenham Manager

It was announced today that Andre Villa-Boas has replaced Harry Redknapp as Tottenham Manager.  He is thought to have signed a 3 year deal with the London Club.  Tottenham sources have stated that he was the only choice for them and the only man they had on their list for the job.

Andre Villa-Boas didn’t exactly have the greatest of starts in the Premier league but he has been given another chance to try and change this.  I don’t think Villa-Boas was suited to Chelsea, they had far too much expectation on him and they were expecting him to be another Mourinho.  They also didn’t give him long enough to be able to achieve anything and he only had one transfer window.  He had a long term plan for Chelsea and they wanted short term success.

I personally think AVB is a great tactician, this is his strongest area when it comes to football. He has pretty awesome stats and background behind him and I think he has huge potential to achieve at Tottenham. I think he has the possibility to be more successful there than Chelsea. If they will allow him the time and money then he could possibly build up the team to be a successful one but it will depend on keeping players and who he buys.  I don’t think it will be immediate success though, I think Tottenham might find in the short term their form will slide but in the long term maybe 2 seasons time…AVB could possibly prove everyone wrong.

I can already see that there has been a huge amount of criticism in regards to his past form in the Premier League but everyone is going to have a dig at a new manager regardless. so despite all of us having a dig at AVB the important thing is What do Tottenham fans think of the appointment?

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