Euro 2012…After the Spanish Inquisition

So the Euro’s are over for another 4 years and what a great tournament it has been to watch. As the standard and talent of players increases every year I love that we get to see them collectively unite every couple of years for their National teams for football tournaments such as this and the World Cup. Bringing together the mixture of talented players within different teams is a great experiment to just see how good they really are and also good for us to watch.  This generation of footballers that we have now are something else though. They get better every year.  The amount of talent we have in this football world is just phenomenal. I’m not sure they are even comparable to the likes of those from the 70’s-90’s era anymore.  The playing style of football has changed so much since those days and so have the footballers.

Spain won the Euro Final last night and a new moment in football history was set as they became the first team to win the Euro’s consecutively and to win 3 major tournaments in a row, they also scored the most goals in a Euro cup final.  Del Bosque should be proud of his Spain team, they played some beautiful football throughout the tournament. I’ve listened to people say that they were boring but I watched every game they played and they weren’t boring at all, they played pretty and entertaining football.  They were attacking as well as defensive and very clever tactical play. They persevered with their formation of 4-6 and every single player in that team played their part. Spain outclassed everyone they played by a long shot. I still think they would have easily beat the clinical German team we saw go out in the Semi’s.

So World Cup looks set to be an exciting one by 2014, We have new young talent breaking through in a lot of teams, with league football getting more and more competitive, there will be improvements and next time there will be other teams to add- all of which play brilliant football. I’m hoping for a better one for England of course but whatever happens at least we have the guarantee of beautiful football to watch and that for any football fan is what it comes down to…

My team of the tournament

I found this quite hard because there were so many to choose from, but these are my favourites. I had every single one of these players in my Fantasy league team (they also won me one league and 2nd place in another)

Goalie- Casillas

Defense Lahm, Pique, Pepe and Alba

MidfieldOzil, Iniesta, Pirlo and Busquets

Scorers-Ronaldo, Torres and Fabregas

Top goal goes to-Both David Silva for that cracking footwork that led to the 2nd goal against Ireland and Ibrahamovic’s stunner against France.

Who were your favourite players and what were your favourite goals?

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