England-When is your Dull-Mio day?

This morning England fans all over the country have woken up with the post match blues from last night.  A lot of the blame seems to be aimed at Cole and Young for missing penalties and I couldn’t disagree with this more.  Why blame two players when for 120 mins previous to that our team failed to turn up and play any decent amount of football.  Without Joe Hart and John Terry, we could have had a very embarrassing game.  This whole tournament was doomed from the start for England and it’s all the FA’s fault.  Bad organisation and definitely not the best handling of the managerial situation to be begin with left us in the underdog position from the start.

Am I gutted that England didn’t make the final-Yes I am gutted but I am not shocked by this.  We only had our new manager grafted in just weeks before the tournament started. As I have admitted before I didn’t think this was the greatest choice of manager for this England team to have,  but let’s be fair to Roy, he hasn’t had much time to organise and I actually think Roy done a lot better than I and many other people were expecting him to do.  I can’t honestly blame Roy for much this tournament apart from continuing to go down the defensive tactical route when we needed a more attacking approach.  But I can blame him for the silly statement saying “that he cannot fault the England players”-Yes you can Roy, they didn’t play well, and if it’s not their fault then it’s yours in which case take the blame.

Watching England this tournament has been some of the most boring football I have ever seen us play.  If you take the 2nd halves of the France and Sweden games then we can say we played some decent football but everything else was just a boring blur.  There was no excuse for the lacklustre performances from most of the team last night.  There was no attacking presence at all, no counter attacking and barely any shots on target compared to Italy’s attempts.  The players didn’t even look that frustrated, they looked like they just didn’t care, no passion and no drive.  Towards the end of the first half we looked really good, we were fighting them and playing well but Italy  dominated the 2nd half.  They were given space, we didn’t have any choice but to defend and our forwards were far to slow to get into their positions in time for shots to be passed.

We hype up Rooney so much and when he is in a Man U shirt he is brilliant to watch but in an England shirt he fails to impress me.  Andy Carroll was like a unorganized donkey at times last night. Milner is a pointless waste of a player- when you have someone of that stature in midfield you would expect some commanding presence and attacking, even on the wing he was not making great runs and passes like he should have, I undertsand he is chosen over Walcott because he is better defensively but surely that should have been different in last nights game. Instead of taking off Parker, Hodgson should’ve taken off Young-Parker was one of the stronger players in my eyes. Every time Italy had a shot and our defence cleared it our midfield and forwards were far to slow on getting it up the pitch. Pirlo was continuously able to find space and no one was willing to challenge him or anyone else for that matter.

The defence and Joe Hart were the stars of last nights game and this tournament.  They have ALL played to the best of their abilities and well deserve praise as does Gerrard-he has been on great form this time and held together what he could have of a failing midfield.  But and it’s a big but, we played far too defensively through the whole tournament, There was never any real long periods of attacking play.  We never conceded an offside for 4 games and that offside stat is pure proof of the fact we defended too much. This needs to change in the future.

We are set to lose some of our more experienced and older players by the next tournament and this means relying on the young un’s and they definitely show more promise, with the additions of Jack Wiltshere, Oxlade Chamberlain and Kyle Walker we’ll do a lot better I reckon but we still need to improve.  Overall we looked tired mentally and physically.  We are a shadow of the team we used to be and if we do not improve by the World cup 2014 I can guarantee we won’t even make it to Brazil let alone win the World cup.


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