Sacking Harry…Levy’s big mistake?

My apologies for the late report on this subject but I was on holiday when this news came out.  Last week Harry Redknapp parted company with Tottenham Hotspur after almost 4 years in charge.  The reason stated was a breakdown in contract talks leading Daniel Levy to make the decision to end Harry’s career at White hart Lane.  So what does this mean for Spurs now?

I think Harry was a great manager for Spurs. He was statistically their best manager in almost 20 years. He brought some key players and hung on to some very good footballers that many other clubs want. Harry was a manager that gave Tottenham the potential to move forward and be in a much stronger position to compete.  The last couple of seasons Spurs have played some really competitive football and have looked very dangerous at times they have managed to achieve beating some really good teams and getting some really good results.  They also achieved their highest league position in years. I was even slightly of the opinion at the beginning of the season that they would achieve 2nd or 3rd with ease and I am gooner so that’s hard to admit.

Where it has all seemed to have gone wrong with Spurs and Harry is not in my opinion all Harry’s fault.  It had been speculated for a long time that Harry Redknapp would be Fabio Capello’s England successor and this was always going to look more likely after he got cleared for Tax Evasion in February and Capello resigned 24 hours later.  Everyone in England regardless of whether they wanted him in the job or not; believed that Harry was definitely going to be the next England manager.  The FA did nothing to disarm this rumour either.  I truly believe all of the media furore caused a distraction to Tottenham and to Harry Redknapp which excuse the pun made them drop the ball a bit in regards to their game.

Tottenham just looked like a different team amongst all that speculation and it changed them.  The pressure on the team not knowing whether they were keeping their manager was bound to have a negative effect.  As for Harry well yes he is a manager so he has more responsibility to keep his mind focused on the task at hand and he failed at that but he didn’t fail completely…Tottenham still achieved 4th and they were unlucky to have lost their Champions League place that they did deserve.

I think Tottenham will suffer a little with Harry not being their manager this season.  They have some good names tipped for replacement such as AVB and Moyes-who I think is unlikely. But with the possibility of losing their big stars like Modric, Bale, and Van de Vaart- where will that leave the new guy in charge? Having to build up a team again? that takes time and especially on Levy’s budget it has the possibility to take longer.  Will this manager has the necessary strengths to do what Harry couldn’t…Who knows.

(Please make comments I am happy to answer all of them)


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