Euro 2012…Kick off time!

The day is finally here, the start of the Euro 2012 tournament. After much publication on the nature of the areas in which the tournament is being held this competition already seems to have a less exciting and more of a nervous feel to it.  For what it’s worth there is often bad publicity regarding an area before a competition and I am really hoping this has all been blown out of proportion and that there is no trouble.  There are fantastic teams taking part in a fantastic competition and its a chance for every country in Europe to show of their best homegrown players.

From an England fan’s point of view, I am nervous but I am also a lot more excited than I thought I was going to be.  I am going to put aside what I have previously said about Hodgson and hope that we will win or get near enough to the final.  You never know what Roy might pull out of the bag.  I know it doesn’t look likely but in times like this faith and getting behind a team is what counts the most.  They may not be perfect, we may not have had a long time to prepare and yes we might be without Lampard, Cahill, Barry, Defoe and the possibly Cole and we seem to be the underdogs of the tournament but you never know.  I really hope our boys play their hearts out and make us proud.

The English ministers in this country boycotting the Ukraine games due to a political situation arising within government is absolutely disgusting.  From what I can understand of it, they are boycotting due to the country’s human rights record and the fact that ex-leader Yulia Tymoshenko.  To be honest this should have been done earlier.  This boycott stinks of something fishy going on.  I don’t agree with it at all, I think the government are using this as an excuse to back out for whatever reason.  But either way don’t air your dirty linen using football.  How unsupportive will this be to the England team who are out there and continuing to play for their country despite all the media furore and the ministers can’t even come along in support the country they are governing for 3 games.

Regardless of whether Poland and the Ukraine are ready, there is a tournament kicking off today, there are people uniting around the world to support their nations and watch games almost everyday for a month, there are fans flying out to see their teams, there are footballers out there playing for their countries, all competing for that one thing, that Euro 2012 cup…Best of luck to all countries and may the best team win

4 thoughts on “Euro 2012…Kick off time!

  1. I think that a tournament with England taking part is better than them not being in it. Okay if you are a gambling man then you will probably watch it regardless but I for one am glad that despite all the goings on with our team hope that they give a good account of themselves & make us proud.
    We can’t do nothing about the attitude of the government & you are quite right in your opinion about them highlighting human rights using football. She has been in prison for far longer than when this tournament was awarded to the Ukraine.
    No matter what, I am looking forward to a great tournament with lots of goals & individual flair from the players. COME ON ENGLAND!

  2. I think England will get through the group but then get knocked out in the quarters. We will play composed football but will be unimaginative in attack. Tottally agree with you about the government – now’s not the time!

  3. I am not English, but love English football why is it that when English players pull on an England jersey they try to play Spanish or Italian style football and not good old hard and fast English football.???

  4. Ps. If Wayne Rooney gets his groove on, it may be the inspiration to see England get thru to the semis, and possibly the final, but in South Africa they looked like rabbits in headlights!

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