The Arsenal Supporters Trust vs The Arsenal Board Q&A Showdown

Wednesday is going to be an eventful day for Gooners. We will hopefully be getting some communication in regards to the unsettling situation at the Emirates. The Arsenal Supporter’s Trust have secured a meeting on Wednesday with Ivan Gazidis and the Arsenal board.  This meeting will be one where many questions will be asked and Ivan Gazidis and the board will have no option but to answer and they certainly have a lot to answer for. They are the main contributors to this season and the bad one it was for various reasons. Not reinvesting the money from the transfer’s from Nasri and Fabregas wisely, keeping underperforming players with high wages and generally coming out with rubbish statements all season are a few of the reasons.  I don’t truly believe that Arsene is totally to blame for the 7 trophyless seasons us fans have had to endure, so the board must hold and accept their share of the blame. I foresee that this could be a rocky meeting between the two groups and it is about time that the questions that The Arsenal Supporters trust have formulated will get answered.

With Many thanks to Tim Payton and the Arsenal Supporter’s Trust I have been given the list of subjects and questions that will be discussed on Wednesday. (Full article*)

  • The club’s footballing expectations for this coming season, 2012/2013, and whether qualifying for the Champions League is the extent of the club’s ambitions– this is one of the most important questions on the list.  We scraped 3rd this season as a result of teams around us falling apart, but with these teams as well as the others above us already making improvements to their squad and with Arsene reportedly saying that our transfer window will be quiet-where does it leave us?  
  • The new Elite Player Performance Plans being introduced and what this will mean for youth development at Arsenal-I can only see from basic research I have done, that this will be a beneficial policy for Arsenal’s youth team but until I have done more research, I cannot comment fully, but I endeavour to in the future
  • The future of the Arsenal Fanshare scheme and club support to promote continued plurality in the ownership through supporter shareholders
  • What progress Ivan Gazidis feels has been made in his first three years at the club and an update on the club’s five-year strategic plan-I especially would like to know the answer to this.  I’m not the hugest fan of Gazidis especially after his “finishing 3rd is like winning a trophy” comment.
  • What lessons have been learned from last summer’s transfer window to make sure things go more smoothly and successfully this year, and the position regarding Robin van Persie- Another top important questions that needs to be answered.  Why are we in the situation once again of possibly losing our best players.  Where has the ambition gone within the team.  Something is driving these players to leave.
  • How the club will drive commercial income aggressively in the short term given the long-terms tie-ins on stadium naming, kit rights and shirt sponsorship and the need for more tertiary and overseas deal- When  it comes to sponsorship we haven’t ended up with the best deals.  We need to find a way of improving that.
  • The club’s view of Financial Fair Play regulations and what plans we have should they have little impact
  • Given that Arsenal now has two billionaire investors owning over 96% of the club, is there a case for them investing funds to put us on a competitive footing before FFP starts to bite?- If we have huge investment now then we can make it up over the years when the FFP comes into place.
  • Arsène Wenger’s statement that he does not intend to do much business in the transfer market this summer and a feeling from many AST members that the team needs further strengthening. Can the Board reassure supporters that there are funds to invest?- This is the most important question in my opinion.  We cannot have another quiet transfer window.  It is incredibly clear the Arsenal need to strengthen their squad.  Never have we moaned so much about injuries but yet there are no indication to whether replacements and back are going to be bought.
  • The club’s wage structure and whether it is hindering Arsenal’s chances of success by not being spent efficiently- We have too many underperforming players being paid lots of money to be loaned out or not to play, sell them and free up the wages for players that are playing well enough and also to attract new players to the club
  • How many more shares Red & White holdings need to obtain before they have access to the full accounts and why won’t the Arsenal Board at the very least engage in dialogue with Mr Usmanov and Red and White Holdings?- I think this question is also up there with the top questions to be answered. I think Usmanov will be a great person to have on the Arsenal board.

I am absolutely in full support of the AST for the meeting. I have read these questions over and over and they are good questions that need answering.  We currently have the highest priced season and single game tickets in the Premier league at the moment and it is not justifiable that fans are paying this much when Arsenal are not willing to make the effort to strengthen the team and keep hold of one of our best players. Every question has its own importance and every answer will want to be heard.

There has been too much damage done to the squad the last few years at the expense of our pretty stadium and balancing the financial books.  We can talk all day and night about whose fault it is but the board are the main representation of the club in terms of where things are going wrong.  it is about time they came out of the closet and speak to the AST and fans to ensure and reassure us that the club we love is still in good hands. They are as it is stands ultimately forgetting that we are a football team and fan’s support the team and the club through thick and thin but we are in this for football and not for business.

As Arsenal fans…What question would you like to ask given the chance?


This meeting can be viewed on this link on Wednesday evening/Thursday

9 thoughts on “The Arsenal Supporters Trust vs The Arsenal Board Q&A Showdown

  1. Well said hun, this meeting will be of great importance, but i am expecting the same slippery excuses as per usual every year from that slippery snake Gazidis, I think we’re all aware the cubs only ambition is to gain that Champions League qualification for that bonus t line their pockets with – yet Gaziis comes out with ‘we have substantial funds’ all the time yet we don;t ever spend them……..funny that isn’t it, the club has been lying to the fans for years but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hope not, it’s about he was put in his place finally and kroenke, you watch him squirm and try to slip out of it – if nothing clear comes from this then it’s time for the fans to stand and be counted and to protest to the removal of both Kroenke and gazidis and quite possibly the man in the middle Wenger as well who doesn’t have the balls to be a manger or the know how as has been proved tie after time now

      • been trying to think of rnasoes to keep my season ticket but cant, and then thought of why and the rnasoes I don’t want to do it anymore after 29 years.I hate the fact that MY club is run by people that have no feeling for the club, who cant be arsed to turn up for games, like gazides skiing when we are playing Milan or Stan fucking off back to the us, with arguably the biggest game in years coming Sunday.I cant stand half the players, I cant take that they earn so much money for so little effort, I cant take Walcott not being able to get a cross over the first defender time and time again, or arshavin not tracking back just because he cant be bothered. Not to mention sqillachi. cant take the mediocre players we have littered about the squad on 40 50 60 k a week. cant take that spurs have a 40%less wage bill than ours but still look far far better in the all competitions.Cant take performances like in Milan or the fact they promise the fans to give everything then perform like they did at Sunderland.cant handle a manager that just refuses to see the obvious time after time and continues to play players that are average at best year after year.I honestly feel I have fallen out of love with the club, I am not a fan of the club the way it is at the moment, so many things about the way we are heading is wrong, and the bottom of the heap always seems to be the average fan.I love the history of arsenal, I love that I go with my mates have a beer and a laugh, love the shared history we have as mates, like the 5 Liverpool semis of the 80 s and getting fired from work for going all 5, or going Brussels at 16 with 4 mates and sleeping in a train station for 3 nights.a million great times, but have never felt more detached from the club then I do now.The final straw is that we now see 4th place as a trophy and that’s the pinnacle of our ambitions and yet we are expected to pay the highest prices in world football to a board that have no idea what’s it like to be a true gooner..Above all I hate Stan and gazidis for making me feel like this, they have taken my club and turned us into a side show, a laughing stock at times and the 3rd club in London.. Unforgivable. And I beginning to feel the same about wenger and some of the players. 20 0

    • My problem with Gazidis is that we haven’t seen much iremovpment in commercial marketing deals. Arsenal spend loads of money on backroom staff and were not seeing the fruits of it. They tell us we make profits every year but instead of spending it on a Sahko and Hazzard, we spend it on executives and teenagers. We need a big centerback who can run and a player who can be creative and score goals. Sahko and Hazzard.Get our marketing money up above Liverpool, Mr. Gazidis and then we can spend all the money we want. 0 0

  2. They have replaced him though, why do you think Podolski was drafted in to the club – though they will never admit that was the real reason why as they knew the chances are that van Persie is likely to be off and after just one fa cup medal in 8 years, and a depleting team that is never really restrengthened who could blame him if he did

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